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Friday, March 21, 2003
It was just reported on our local Richmond news that there was a fight today over a man's right to hang an American Flag in his workspace. A single woman was offended by it and said she should not be forced to be subjected to anyones political views. You will exucse my confusement, but what political view does displaying the flag present?

After some discussion a compromise was reached. The man had his flag taken down, and to apease the woman that was offended by a person's expression of pride the state hung up its own flag in its place. Go VA.

I have to say, no matter what happens I know we're doing right. I just saw a video of a small town that the U.S. Marines just rolled through. People were cheering, tearing down signs of Saddam, and hugging the soldiers. You really have to watch the news tonight to see the video. It's amazing, and really makes you proud.

Here is an article about other Blogs which are diaries of people in Iraq. They have links to the blogs... kind of interesting. One is of an activist in Iraq.

Check out this article, some of the towns "captured" by the marines in Iraq are cheering the US soldiers and yelling "America" and saying "No Saddam."

I promise I won't ask you about the protesters. I did see it yesterday on the news. NYC had the same problem, as did San Fran. It's a mystery to me what 1,000 people think they will accomplish by making 2,000,000 people go home tired, grumpy, and when friends ask where they were respond with, "Fucking Peace Protestors." Do these people think that you, sitting in the road way at 3AM are going to go, "Holy Shit, They're Right...NO BLOOD FOR OIL, NO BLOOD FOR OIL"

I'm going to hang my flag out today. The first American was killed this morning. I think there are 3 American servicmen and 8 British now casulties.

That bad news was offset by the pride and joy of having Lori come to her good senses. It's not that she was liberally slanted before, but we don't have a lot of time to discuss a lot of politics. She came home yesterday and told me how some of her students were concerned that we were going to kill all of the parents so the children would be orphans. Lori started giving me her point of view, and I was so proud...she understood...we're not evil dictators trying to control the worlds oil supply and kill off all the Muslims and little children playing in fields with our sardokar troopers and baby killer marines. Then I was watching CSPAN and Hillary came on. She asked me, "Does she ever stop yelling and whining?" I was almost in tears. We do have one schoolteacher out there that won't force students to write anti-war letters.

Interesting, Google is going to attempt using people to help search to improve its search engine, but using them will cost you (you can tip the researchers if you like their answers). You could do this part time for money because you can work from home (or I can do it part time from work).

That is crazy, do they really think they are going to win support that way?


Just so everyone knows, I will not be discussing the thousands ofo "protestors" that clogged up Lake Shore Drive last night during rush hour, and made it impossible for me to return home to my apartment until 7:00am this morning. If I begin to discuss it I will be forced to throw something out of the window. Read about it online, but please note that the people that were causing all the trouble were college students (and professors) neither of which have jobs, and were not trying to get home to their familes on their way home from a full day of work.

Thursday, March 20, 2003
"Iraq was responsible for intentionally releasing some 11 million barrels of oil into the Arabian Gulf from January to May 1991, oiling more than 800 miles of Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian coastline. The amount of oil released was categorized as 20 times larger than the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska and twice as large as the previous world record oil spill. The cost of cleanup was estimated at more than $700 million." Wow, what a bastard Saddam was and is. I never heard about this, only that they set the oil fields on fire.

You have to love the new company making Lindows, to compete with Windows. They are even learning to play a little nasty (but fair) by offering computer manufacturers a cut of future profits for sales of additional applications to consumers who originally purchased their PC from the manufacturer who sold it with Lindows instead of Windows. Smart people. I love capitalism and healthy competition.


different countries' reactions to the war. I can't wait to see if the U.S. is taken to "world court" for "war crimes" after this is over.

E-sign a petition to support the War in Iraq. Also see ads in favor of Bush and the war.

Here is an article about Celebs in favor of Bush and the war in Iraq. By the way, Bruce Willis is the man. Bruce says, "I love the United States, if I could serve, I would."

I especially like, "You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers." I also forwarded the emergency prep pictures to everyone I know. Hilarious.

I havn't yet seen Moore's new movie, but I really want to, "Bowling for Columbine." I don't agree with a lot of his opinions, but I have to say some of the entainment value of this guy is pretty good. I like listening to him for the same reasons that I enjoy commentary from Sid Rosenberg on the Imus show...pure entertainment. It's also good to know what the enemy is doing.

I also came across another job listing for a tree climber, this one only asking for 3 years experience.

I have also been motivated to write my weekly newspaper and respond to a letter that was in this week's edition. It is pure rambling, but the parts you can make out say no war with Iraq, and we should invade Pakistan. It was written by a senile old man.

Well boys.....shit. And away we go. Let's hope our boys and girls over there are as good as we all know they are. And here is an article.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
USEFUL COMMENTS TO MAKE AT WORK (I usually make them after meetings):

1. Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
2. The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.
3. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.
4. Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.
5. I have plenty of talent and vision. I just don't care.
6. I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid.
7. What am I? Flypaper for freaks !?
8. I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant.
9. I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.
10. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.
11. It's a thankless job, but I've got a lot of Karma to burn off.
12. Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
13. No, my powers can only be used for good.
14. How about never? Is never good for you ?
15. I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to worship me.
16. You sound reasonable... Time to up my medication.
17. I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.
18. I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message...
19. I don't work here. I'm a consultant.
20. Who me? I just wander from room to room.
21. My toys! My toys! I can't do this job without my toys!
22. It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.
23. At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.
24. You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.
25. I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.
26. Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.


holy shit, this is hilarious

Copy of the Bill of Rights found after 138 years.

Some Iraqi soldiers have already surrendered, despite that fact that no war has even started.

I miss my soul, ever since the day I started my job.

For some reason I am really missing the Burgers and grilled chicken burgers form the Bison right now. They both had just the right flavors. And now it is lunchtime.

I really do think that Saddam cares about public opinion, but I still am not sure if that would prevent him from using bio or chem weapons. I think in the end he would use them when he has nothing left to defend.

here is another protester interview.

Not as good as the last one, but this takes place in San Fran. Ah, my old home town. Yeesh. Glad I got out of that place.

Who would we invite to join our group?

I like Conway's comment. I agree.


Good morning. A few thoughts. But first, let's respond to Rodney. I am not sure what the heck the French are doing now. I think somebody mentioned it earlier, but the French offering aid to us in the event that Saddam uses WOMD is an odd thought. If they have faith in the inspectors, and the inspectors have not found anything, then the French should believe that there are no weapons hiding anywhere. If this is the case, why offer help in the event they are used? That's a bit contradictory I think. As for the girl that got run over by a bulldozer, I'm not sure what to think of that. Well, I do know what to think about that. I personally will be hanging out any flags for her, although she was an American, and therefore has the right to be treated as one. Unfortunately.

I was on my way home on the train last night, and saw a person wearing a "No War" button. This got me thinking that you don't see anyone wearing "Yes War" or "Pro War" or "Yay War" stickers or buttons around, and even the rallies are not, "Stop the talking, start the killing!" type of rallies I don't think. Obviously war is bad. I do not want to go to war, I don't want innocent people to die, I don't want American troops to die, or be stuck over in Iraq instead of being home with their families. I do not even think that President Bush WANTS to go to war, no matter what people paint him as (warmonger). I believe that he knows exactly what he is doing, and the ramifications of his decision to send in troops. It almost seems like, however, that if you do not wear a pin that says "No War," then you are a horrible person that likes to burn and eat little children on the weekends. In my opinion, it is entirely possible to not like war, but still support the troops that are going over there to fight. In the case of the protestors that Chris was talking about earlier that were going to chain themselves to fences, what if they were yelling and shouting at mothers dropping their babies off who had spouses over fighting for this idiot yelling at them from a fence? Not that I was alive during Vietnam, but it bugs me that Marines, etc were treated so poorly by our own country during that time, and it looks to be happening again. The soldiers have a JOB to do, and whether they like it or not, they have to be over there in the sand (or jungle) trying to stay alive so that the protestors can continue to have the RIGHT to protest. I am sure that there are other places a soldier would rather be than fighting, but it is what he has to do, and I think that the war protestors are missing that part. I have not heard one protestor say that they are against this war, but they support the people over there fighting it. To me, that's just bad form. And back to my original point, I am still anooyed by the fact that even if I wanted to wear a button that says "Try peace," I would be lumped into the group of protestors that are protesting everything about the war, regardless of what Saddam has done to his own people or to other countries. My sister has a friend over there right now. I'm pretty sure Stephanie does not want her friend to start fighting in this or any war. However, she does support him, our country, and our president to make the decisions that are being made. What else are we supposed to do with Saddam? I have heard some coworkers say that he is in his box, and is containable, and I disagree. I have also heard them say that this pre-emptive strike is bullshit since we don't think he can make weapons for another 10 years, and we shoudl wait and attack him then. Again, I disagree. Why allow your enemy (and let's face it, Saddam is not our friend) to grow more powerful just so you don't look like the bad guy......which actually makes no sense to me since last I checked, Saddam was the one gassing people, burning his oil fields, invading neighboring countries, hoarding riches, and putting people through plastic-shredding machines. Why isn't he "bad" again? Has the world become so politically correct that we can't say that Saddam is a bad person out loud?

On a somewhat related note, I saw two music videos on MTV yesterday. One was the new System of a Down video for their song "Boom" I belive, and it was directed by none other than Mighael Moore. Strike one. That guy is the worst. He treats his workers worse than the people he supposedly fights against, looks like a slob, and his "tactics" fall flat. The people he ambushes (i.e. tobacco company executives), to embarrass, are nothing more than middle management usually, but he touts them as these big boys that are lighting cigarettes in pregnant mothers' mouths. When he interviewed Heston in his last movie which I didn't see, many people saw it as a great thing that he, a card-carrying member of the NRA, was sticking it to Charleton Heston. First of all, I can carry a card for the ACLU. That doesn't mean I believe a word of what they say, or think they are a good organization, so his argument falls a bit flat right there. Secondly, Heston has althzheimers (sp?), and had some ugly man come onto his property and yell at him on camera. I would have retreated too if I were an old man. But back to the video. It turned out to be lots of footage of the L.A. protest march, with interviews and such, which is fine, but they neglected to include their song in the background. I think I heard it a little bit once or twice, but the focus was definitely not the song. Again, fine, they can do whatever they want, but I found it annoying personally.

The other video I saw was by 3 Doors Down for the song "When I'm Gone." The band dedicated the video to the troops fighting the war, and it was a collage of the soldiers saying goodbye to their families, mixed in with footage from their live performance on an aircraft carrier last year I believe. I have to give props to 3DD, since no matter what they thought of the war, the president, or the middle east, they brought to light the fact that there are real people out there fighting for this country, and that we all need to remember that fact. The videos might be on if you guys want to try to watch them.

And with that, I need to get working. I slept through my alarm today and was late to work, and am in a bit of a mood (in case that wasn't obvious to anyone reading this insanely large rant).

It certainly is a tragedy that the American was killed in Gaza by the Israeli bulldozer, but is this an American we should hang a flag out for?

Marine Lt. Gen. James Conway on the anti-war protestors and criticism:

Conway told his troops not to worry about peace protests at home, pointing to a poll showing that 71 percent of Americans want to get the Iraq situation resolved now. "When we invade Iraq," he added, "that'll go up to 91 percent. And you know how I feel about it? Piss on everybody else."

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Worthy of P.T. Anderson's Magnolia.
Did you know the same French company that built the bunkers for Nazi Germany also built bunkers for Saddam? It's like deja vu all over again.

When asked why Hollywood in general didn't protest Clinton when he legitametly acted in Kosovo, or wrongly bombed the Chinese embassy, or an Iraqi Pharmacutial factory Janeane Garofalo responded with, "It wasn't hip." 'Nuff Said

I find it interesting that the French say they will help if weapons are used that they say don't exist. I think it was Patton that said, "I would rather have a German battalion in front of me, than a French one behind me."

But let's be realisitc about this. A chemical weapon goes off, France offers support, we agree. How useful would their support be? Unless something goes horribly wrong they'll still be getting their grooming supplies together by the time the main fighting stops. We have 250,000+ troops there. What can they really give us in a meaningful amount of time.

Chirac realized he made a big oops. No more profitable (but illegal) trade with Iraq, and no more good friends with the US.

Going back for a second to the comments by Daschele, I have to say that I'm really disgusted with him. It's petty politics nothing more. He brought forward a resolution under Clinton for regime change, and up to this point he was strangely silent. It is now that we are fully committed that he makes hypocritical statements. I think he realizes he has peaked in his political carrer and is getting a little bit desperate.

I also want to say Loreta Sanchez, a representative from California is a big load of rambling flesh. I watched her on MSNBC debateing among audience members and Senator Allen from Virginia, and made herself out to be an even bigger hypocrite than Daschele. She fully supported Clinton's strikes in Iraq and when Allen questioned her about her adimint support she responded with, " I'm not sure." She was obvisously caught by surprise. The rambling flesh part comes into play when she literely starts whining that she wasn't getting enough time to talk. The moderator responded with, well then stop interrupting others.

Someone in the audience brought up the valid point of not attacking Iraq until someone tells her how many black people are in Iraq. The same woman also claimed that we shouldn't have attacked Afghanistan and the US is the evil one because of UN sancitions killing thousands of Iraqi babies from Diarhea. I know it's stupidity, but it still gets to me.

So yes, Zelda. I wanted to bring back my orginal NES and the orginial game. I'm going to get it over Easter. I can't handle all the 3D effects they put into this stuff now. Give me the old up, down, left, right any day.

Why do we have to barcode medicine again? It sounds like a plot by big brother to track us.

Invite more people along for this ride we call blog. I want to have an intelligent discussion with someone from the other side of this debate. We don't have a lot of people to talk to here...there actually is no one. Not a soul.


Hey boys, this article just came in fromt he Conservatives. The author is the father of Tom Elliott, who will be graduating Bucknell this year, and the founder of the Conservatives Club. Turns out his dad used to work for Reagan. Sweet. He's a cool guy. A frat boy (and a KDR no less), but he is respectable, even for us independents. Check it out. I'm going home. Work is pissing me off.

I read in the news that France said that they might help fight Saddam if Iraq uses chemical or biological weapons. They say that they have special troops and equipment for such situations and that if Saddam does use such weapons, that would violate some UN war regulations (or something to that effect). Which is interesting because I think that Saddam is trying to use such countries like France as supporters, and if he uses those weapons, he may loose those supporters (not really supporters, but opposers of the US).

I think the oil fields will burn.

Maybe Rodney DID fall out of a tree. Poor guy. Abandoned and helpless on the mean streets of Virginia .

I was glancing at this magazine called COMPUTERWORLD just now (this guy got fired, so the secretary gives me all of his old mail), and on the front cover is this headline: Billions Needed to Meet Drug Bar-Code Mandate. Let me read this quickly. It's going to cost about $7.2 million to get hospitals up to speed, meaning paying for bar code scanners and wireless LAN systems and such. According to this article, the hospitals aren't balking at the mandate since they are interested in ensuring that the right people get the correct drugs, and many hospitals have already started medication management programs with some good results. I still think it's a bit silly though to put a bar code on every little pill. Seem slike a waste. Why don't they just hire people that are going to read the prescription charts a little more thoroughly? Oh well. Maybe this issue will pick up in the news.

There has been speculation around the office that this is Saddam's final hurrah, so be prepared to get hit with chemical weapons (the troops are already preparing for this inevitability). Any thoughts on that? I don't think he's going to leave, and I don't think that he is going to go quietly. Also, even though Bush said not to touch the oil fields, I am pretty sure those suckers are going to get lit up the second we touch down over there. Boom.

In other news, I am still awaiting the new Zelda game. It ahsn't been released since early this morning when I wrote to you guys. Darn. I was hoping they'd surprise us all and release the game 5 days early just for the hell of it. Looks like it's not going to happen. I'll keep you both updated, though.

I have a feeling that many people (including the protestors in that last article I posted) think that Iraqis are living a happy life under Saddam. They think that a war would ruin the lives of the poeple in Iraq, but I think that a war would free them. There is no way I would want to live under the rule of a person like Saddam (especially after reading about how he shreads, tortures and gasses his own people). I am not sure how accurate the articles are in the news, but I have not seen any articles from former Iraqis that want Saddam to remain in power (and for the US to back off), only articles of former Iraqis calling for other nations to end Saddam's harsh reign. If you see any such articles, please post them.

Do you think Rod fell from a tree?

interesting article about hawks and doves, foxes and hedgehogs

And to Chris' article, what the hell is it going to prove if protestors chain themselves to day care fences so that working parents have to stay home? Like the single working mother living in the city trying to keep her job so she can pay rent and get food for her kids is going to care about the children of Iraq, when some stupid white chick is screaming at her from a fence while she now has to risk losing her job. What idiots.

Also, there always seems to be a distinct lack of discussion comign from the left. They enjoy name-calling, but rarely will you find convincing arguments that aren't tag lines, or over-used rhetoric. A definite lack of originality exists on the left. Worthless.

Ever wonder where the money comes from to pay for such fancy protests? This article lays it out, and the supporters will suprise you. Organizations that support people like Castro and North Korea. Hell, I also enjoyed this article because they managed to use the term "sugar daddies" in the its proper context. Seriously, this is amazing, and some what hypocritical of these protestors. Also, I like how they quote protestors who think they will gain support by stopping traffic in major cities or shutting down power plants. I think they will probably just make people angry. If they want to win support, they should try coming up with a convincing arguement and stop taking money from supporters of terrorists.

Soldier reaction to Bush Speech

That actually reminds me of a sheet some guy handed me while in DC. It claimed that if we can get all the protestors to hold signs that appeal to the soldiers and working class, they could cause a rebellion amoung the soldiers and they would not fight because they would not listen to the government. They planned to do this by holding signs saying "Soldiers! Turn your guns around!" They say that appealing to the working class will help because the working class has relatives in the army and are most likely to want peace. I still have the paper, I wish I had a scanner cause it really is a sad attempt for peace. It ends with "Only class struggle in opposition to all wings of US imperialism, not just the Republican wing, is capable of winning the concession of peace."

On the other hand, another guy handed me a sheet that claims Israel is biggest threat in the world and cause of all our troubles in the middle east. This is why I support education and increased funding for education.

Apparently there is a new left-leaning publication going around Lewisburg, that isn't put out by anyone from the University. Thsi is from it's mission statement:

"We are waitresses, manufacturers, cooks, bartenders, florists,
dishwashers. Cross us and we can spit in your food, ruin your wedding,
or build a couch that'll collapse under your fat ass. We are the workers:
Do not fuck with us."

You think these people watch too much Fight Club or what?

I think I agree with the whole bar-coding/radio transmitter idea being a bit......dumb. Cool in some sense, but sort of unneeded I think. Perhaps there is some other reason for the high security that I am not seeing. I can't think of any reasons, but maybe there are some.

On an unrelated note, here is a stomach-turning (but short) article about some atrocities that have gone on in Iraq. Sick.

I know that there are many problems in our country, but I think that our health care system is pretty damn good. I also think that it is rather expensive due to all sorts of things, but do you really think that this is necessary? I thought that the cost of drugs was already very expensive, now they want to individually wrap and barcode each pill, or even give each pill its own computer chip so that we can make sure the right person is getting the right drugs, in the right amount, in the right way. I just seems like a good idea for the future, but right now, I think we need to worry about reducing costs so that drugs and health care are more available to everyone. Any opinions?

Yes, I read that article last night, and also thought that Daschle made some rather stupid comments. No matter what you think, someone in his position should not say those kinds of things at a time like this. I am glad that Australia is going to help, despite the fact that most people in Australia are against the war. I even heard that there are some politicians in Australia that want to avoid going to war because they fear terrorist activity in their country will increase. I am glad that others in Australia are looking out for a more global peace, not just their own peace. I think that is something that most peace protestors are looking for, peace for themselves, but they do not care about peace for the people of Iraq or Israel. This war will probably cost many lives, but I think that it will bring a longer and more peaceful future.

Good morning, fellas. Am I assuming that you both watched the President's speech last night? Interesting. I don't think he relishes the thought of going to war, as some people paint him to, and I think that he knows exactly the ramifications of his decision on our troops and their families. He seemed very solid in his resolve to go against Saddam, but was not excited about the thought of people dying. I saw this on Daschle is a piece of crap. I hope that people remember his words when we win this upcoming war, and Saddam is no longer around.

In other, more exciting news, the new Legend of Zelda game comes out on the 24th . I believe that's the pre-release date, and I have paid for overnight shipping, so I should be quitting my job Monday of Tuesday to pursue a life of solitude in front of my television. My goal is to actually become part of my t.v. by the end of this adventure. I'll let you know how the game goes, since I know you are both waiting breathlessly on the edge of your seats.


Monday, March 17, 2003
Interesting, it is about Martin Sheen's opinion about actor's having opinions about Iraq and how an Iraqi girl disagree's with Martin.

I know it is from the Post, but it is still worth the read.

Interesting web polls - Is there any way to resove the Iraq crisis peacefully?
83% say no
Should the U.S. and its allies have withdrawn their resolution to use force on Iraq?
93% Yes, compromise was no longer possible.

Then anyone could sell their licence to a terrorist. If this goes through, which I hope it does not, airports better reject those licences, and cops should detain anyone with such a licence just to be on the safe side. Also, bars should reject such licences. This would force people to get legit photos on their licences.

And Bingo was his name-o.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having the picture? Maybe I will do the same, then sell my license to minors so that they can buy alcohol and cigarettes. Then report it missing, get another one, and sell it again.

Ok, this is rediculous. Truly. I thought this was a joke when I heard about it, but I did some searching, and found that it really is true (sources posted below). A woman in florida last year is suing the state for revoking her driver's licence. The reason? She wants to be able to wear her veil in the photo. She had it done that way before and then the state revoked it. She is now suing. SO lame. Hell, even I would get one with a veil if I could. Here's the info: Local Florida paper, FoxNews, USA Today, ACLU.

Those pens look pretty sweet. Is that along the same lines as that digital paper that everyone was talking about a while ago? Basically a bendable/rollable computer screen?

Check out this invisibility cloak. It's not true invisibility, as evidenced by the videos that I have seen but could not find, but it's an interesting first step.

Also as interesting is the fact that while searching for these videos I stumbled across a rather interesting blog site that must have been sponsered by 6 different "adult entertainment" sites with rather graphic banner ads. Let's hear it for working filters at work! I can't go to, but I can hit up this x-rated discussion groups all I want. Sweet.

p.s. I still think the veil issue is completely rediculous. And unsafe.

Would these missing chemical bombs be used in a war with Saddam? Maybe, but if we do not fight now, they may be used on inoccent people anywhere in the world. Inspectors cannot find all the bombs.

Happy St. Patricks Day. It is times like this, that I remember the homeland (in my case one of many) and wonder when I will get a chance to return (or go there for the first time). Ah, Rod, it was only two years ago that we raised a pint to Ireland down in Savanah, a drunk city with and Irish problem. And though you have no Irish blood, it was nice of you to enjoy it with me. And to my distant Irish brother MRD, a reminder, that green water you see in the river is dye, so don't drink it this time. And lets all not forget the true meaning of the holiday, which is to kill snakes!

I was just reading about this new camera that came out in Europe and the amazing thing about it is the use of a new picture viewer on the back of the camera. It is supposed to be good cause you can see it easily during the middle of the day in the sun (which is difficult on my camera). What I find interesting is another link to a cool pen that has one of these screens that is flexible and retracks from the pen. It is pretty cool and reminds me of those screens they used in the movie Red Planet. Check it out. I want one, or five.

Do you need post-graduate work for tree climbing?

7 DAYS! The ring is the scariest piece of shit movie I have ever seen. I have not been scared at a movie since turning like 7 or 8 years old. Then this came along. Ferenc and I dragged Chris to see it over homecoming weekend, and Ferenc had already seen it. He had to do shots before going back a second time. "You HELPED her?! You let her OUT?!" I still think about that shit.

That's cool that you got to see the protestors, even though they are rediculous. I don't know if I have sent this link out to you guys yet. It's a guy interviewing a bunch of the peace protestors on the street in NYC. Hilarious. If you ahven't already noticed, I love my newfound ability to turn an ordinary word into a fun and informative LINK. Go with it.

Abotu the market. I think we will be ok. I just need Donnelley's stock price to hurry up and climb out of the crapper already! Although a low price would make it that much easier to take the damn thing over........

Rod, hurry up with that business of yours so I can say that my friend has a website business. I need some bragging rights. And now back to work.

I don't think it's a year round job, but my understading is that Tree Climbers get great benefits and union representation. They give you full splinter coverage along with lightning-related fatality insurance.

With regards to the living wage debate, I have to admit that I was once for it. I even signed the petition at Bucknell. Now, I think I was wrong. I don't think passing a law is the answer. I think the biggest qualm I have with that method is that I believe in the free market and a capitalistic society. I don't think I can meld the two together. I do, however, agree that we should make efforts to try and bring people out of that generation cycle of poverty. Bucknell does something very admirable by giving away education to its employees' children. It may not provide immediate payouts in cash, but in terms offered opportunities to the next generation I think it's a step in the right direction.

I have to admit, however, that living down here in rural Virginia has opened my eyes to some things. First off, the notion that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed in this country is bull plop. There are many children in the areas' school system that are held back by their parents and their unwillingness to help their children succeed and get out of the clutches of poverty. The point being that if you want a specious fix to the problem simply give people more money to live. But, if you want to break the cycle of poverty then you have to offer people something more lasting like educational opportunties and skill training. Maybe money sought to increase peoples' salaries would be better spent offering scholarships, school system tax credits, or better recruitment of teachers to public schools so that impoverished children can see a way out. I can tell you through comments and overheard conversations with some impoverished parents here that if they passed a living wage law in Northern Neck VA. and gave low wage earners more money, most of that money would be spent on garbage. A lot of people would like to believe (and I was once one of them) that every parent wants better for their children than what they had. I still think many do, but many also don't give a hoot.

That is pretty good pay for climbing trees, do you think that includes dental? Also, would that be a year round job?

I don't appreciate threatening coments of someone coming for me in the middle of the night. I just watched The Ring this weekend and it scared the life out of me. The amazing thing about it is that I wasn't really watching it. I was trying to read the Sunday paper, yet somehow I didn't manage to take any telephone calls or shut my eyes last night.

I don't like to bring up any good news now that we've decided to go to war, but I have to mention the markets today. We've been hearing how a war with Iraq will further sink the economy down, but investors seem to be more opimistic.

About those protesters this past weekend, I heard them speak on CSPAN. I did hear some interesting arguements one of which saying that Bush should seek pyschiatric help, and yet another enlightened individual starting a chant, "IMPEACH BUSH! IMPEACH BUSH!" It wasn't very clear what crime he had committed, but I'm sure it's so obvious that it need not be explained.

In my search for temporary work while I get my business started I ran across some interesting job posting in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The funniest reads as follows,

TREE CLIMBERS - Min. 5 yrs. exp.
Starting up to $18hr. depending on exp.

I decided I would do some tree climbing on the side just to get my foot in the door.

I read that living wage article and it makes me think that many companies are going to either move out of Santa Fe, reduce the number of employees to 24 (to avoid to new min wage), or cut perks such as bonuses and matching retirement contributions. I think that this law is very benefitial because businesses will move out. I also think that if a company has 25-35 workers, they would cut back workers to fall under the 25 employee level to avoid the new min wage. That means the remaining workers have to work longer hours and people who have part time jobs will most likely be the first to be cut (sorry part-time employees, like students, mothers, and grandparents, either work full time by dropping out of school or putting your kids in daycare, or you are not worth $10/hr). I am very interested to see what happens.

I agree with you about the Dixie Chicks, and I am glad that fans are willing to boycott their music because of their actions.

I must also add that I went to Washington, DC this weekend (to see Weber) and hiked around the city. Unfortunately the city was mobbed with peace protestors, but there were some supporters of Bush there as well. They had signs saying that war freed the slaves and saved the Jews, among other signs. I wanted to get a picture with that crowd, but they had police on horse back protecting the Bush supporters from the mob of peace protestors. I have to say that the Bush supporters had better signs (better arguements) than the peace portestors. The peace protestors carried signs that were often tastless (swears and fowl language) and lacked commen sense. Signs like "Bush Family is only trying to Improve their Income" or signs about the war being about oil. This war is not for oil and we have sanctions with Iraq right now, so any war would eventually lead to lifting sanctions and therefore hurting oil producers in Texas. Also there were a lot of peace protestors that were obviously there for other reasons than Iraq. I saw signs for tibet and several other countries. I really think that in this case peace will only come through war. It is obvious that Saddam is trying to retain his weapons which were banned by the UN because inspectors are still finding these weapons (still after about 10 years of inspection) which Iraq claims they did not have. Saddam has invaded a foreign country in the past, killed houndreds of thousands of his own people, and gives money to the families of suicide bombers in Israel. What evidence is there that he would not use weapons of mass destruction if he gets them or has the opportunity? That is why we need to remove Saddam. Even the majority of Iraqi-Americans want to remove Saddam. I am sure everyone would like to avoid war, but I think that war is inevitable, unless Saddam gives up power in Iraq.

Piece on the UN.

good old NYT, bastion of balanced thought.

Interesting war opinion piece. Kind of long, but a good read.

Let's discuss the living wage idea. Do you guys remember hearing about it at school? Well, they kept trying to get it passed, and I can't remember if it did or not (I am thinking yes, but I'll have to double-check), and apparently we weren't the only place. Santa Fe has just passed their own living wage, and I think they have made a big mistake. Businesses, unfortunately for the promoters of a living wage, are not tied down to one location. It's not easy to move a business I am sure, but if a store owner is losing money for having to pay a worker $10/hour to put soup cans on the shelf (in my opinion, that is not worth $10/hour), he is perfectly able to simply move out of the city rather than watch his store go under. People can be tied emotionally to a certain area if they like it, but if it's a matter of going bankrupt or not, I'm sure that the owners would much rather stay in business somewhere else. It will be interesting to see what happens to those hotels and resorts now that they have to pay their already large staffs even more. I'm thinking either rate increases, driving tourism down, or staff cuts, causing the hotels to get a mass amount of complaints from their visitors, driving tourism down. We'll see.

this is a test. Sweet. It works.

Rodney, you are scum. I come for you in the night, I eat your heart and your dog.


p.s. Pay no attention to my name at the top of the posting.

p.p.s. The Dixie Chicks thing didn't surprise me at all (the comment I mean). That type of thing has been done before, and like you said, people are allowed to not like the President. I do find it interesting that the backlash is so severe. I would also like to see her repeat the process back in Texas, and see how many people cheer. Blink 182 pulled the same sort of thing last year (I think), and they almost got booed off the stage at their concert. They quickly went into the next song.

On another note, how did you make one word become the link instead of the whole line of garbage that is the website. There are some interesting articles I've gotten lately that I'd like to post, but not if it means pasting in the whole address. And tell Chris that he needs to start checking this more often. Back to work I go. More later. Blog4ever!