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Friday, April 04, 2003
The information minister for Iraq claims that Iraq will not use WMD, but this is from a man who said yesterday that the US soldiers are not even 100 miles from Baghdad and that the US government is playing a "wag the dog" kind of trick on people. tests have proved positive for chemical toxins found in a lab hidden in mountainous region of Iraq. On the other hand, I heard that the other site where they found thousands of containers of powder and chemical antigens and directioins about chemical weapons may only contain explosives. Either way, I heard it is a site where UN inspectors were at on several occasions.

If you visit Michael Moore's homepage and read his latest letter to the non-fiction loving American majority you'll read that he explains the booing at his speech as such, "But then the majority in the balcony -- who were in support of my remarks -- started booing the booers." Right. I stand adimently by my previous statement and firmly believe that Michael Moore is in dire need of emotional support. He is a man apart, and man that weeps when he is alone, for only a man as weakly spirited as that could believe that people were booing the booers.

Just so we get something very clear Mike. Even if some portion of your twisted little world is true, Hollywood elite are not the majority of America. As far as your book being number 1 for 53 weeks...we'll I've heard differently. Keep in mind, though, that a whole lot of people read Mein Kampf and they had nothing remotely resembling support or simpathy for the Nazi Party. Some people read to hear what some say. It's the only reason I'm reading the book. Then again I'm the in the American minority.

Good stuff from the Supreme Court, Rod. But what I do not understand, and maybe you guys can help me out, is how the SC can honestly rule that Afirmative action at colleges is constitutional? It seems like a no brainer. We argue cases in court based on fact and law, not whether it is "better" for one person or group over another.

On a side note, I am sure that many of you heard about Fieldsboro in NJ and how the mayor is not leting people place yellow ribbons up on public property in the town to support the troops. I think I can understand his point, because if he lets people place yellow ribbons up today, how can they prevent someone from putting up posters or signs with hate messages or symbols tomorrow?

Reading a review of Michael Moore's website today to check on the current state of stupidity I came across something that I had read some time ago. It was from Ruthless Reviews. The critic makes praise for Mike saying even though he may not wipe, and he may be egotistical, it's still a great book. It gives praise, upon praise for Mr. Moore. In that same review there is a link to a review for Coulter's Slander. I've also read this.

At one point in the Slander reveiw the author says, Am I liberal who can't stand the harsh truth and logic of a clear thinking (so-called) conservative? Hardly Prior to that he makes the following statement.
Ruthless Ratings
Number of times Coulter used the phrase "Reagan single-handedly won the Cold War": 3
Number of times I giggled when I remembered that this same man now craps his pants on a daily basis: 8
Number of times Coulter referred to a "liberal media bias": 223
Number of times she needs to be anally raped until she admits there is no such thing: 111
Number of times I thought about fellow right-wing pundit Barbara Olson as I read this book: 3
Number of times those thoughts were related to my wish that Coulter had also been on that hijacked flight that hit the Pentagon: 3

You're absolutley right. You do enjoy the pursuit of of logic and clear thinking...and you certainly aren't on the far left. One question that I have for you is; How can you give such a well thought counter argument when you yourself admit, "Ok, I'll admit to not having read all, or even most of this book. I sat in Borders and dipped in and out, got too mad and had to stop. I went back, tried again and the same thing happened. I probably got through 75 pages, plus a bunch of skimming."

To Mr. Moore; Are this the type of people that you want endorsing your book...people who dispute media bias by claiming that we should "anally rape" someone until they claim otherwise? Shock jocks endorsing shock jocks. That is all.

Thousands of boxes of white powder, nerve agent antidote, unidentified liquid and Arabic documents on how to engage in chemical warfare were found by U.S. troops Friday at an industrial site south of Baghdad, a U.S. officer said Friday.

This was in the WSJ Best of the Web

The story of Pfc. Jessica Lynch turns out to be quite compelling. Today's Washington Post has an account of the battle in which she was captured:

Pfc. Jessica Lynch, rescued Tuesday from an Iraqi hospital, fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldiers after Iraqi forces ambushed the Army's 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company, firing her weapon until she ran out of ammunition, U.S. officials said yesterday.

Lynch, a 19-year-old supply clerk, continued firing at the Iraqis even after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds and watched several other soldiers in her unit die around her in fighting March 23, one official said. The ambush took place after a 507th convoy, supporting the advancing 3rd Infantry Division, took a wrong turn near the southern city of Nasiriyah.

"She was fighting to the death," the official said. "She did not want to be taken alive."

You'd think she'd be a feminist heroine, but we checked the Web site of the group that calls itself the National Organization for Women and couldn't find any acknowledgment of this valiant member of the fairer sex. Instead the homepage features two links to articles about the Augusta National Golf Club, one favoring racial preferences, one opposing the confirmation of a woman as a federal judge, one on abortion and one on the pressing problem of " 'educational' pelvic exams performed on unconscious patients." There are two items related to the military: one on sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy and one headlined "In Shadows of War, NOW Continues Urging Peace."

I think it's shameful that civil servants cannot display the flag. If some sue Mc donalds type gets offended by the flag, then she should find someplace where she doesn't have to look at it. Civil servants are workers of the state, and as such they should be allowed to display the mark of their country. What pettiness brings someone to protest this. I can certainly see her being one of the emmy award winners walking with a sign reading America=Nazism.

This quote is from the WSJ Column Outiside the box.

There is an old law school adage: When you have the law on your side, argue the law; when you have the facts, argue the facts; and when you have neither the law nor the facts, pound on the table and scream like hell. There was a polite bit of the latter in the courtroom on Tuesday.
Maureen Mahoney, arguing the law school's case, said that of the "2,500 students who are rejected each year, probably only 80 of them . . . would have gotten an offer of admission from Michigan under a race-blind system." That, she concluded, "is a very small and diffuse burden" relative to the benefits of the racial preference program.

To which Justice Antonin Scalia replied: "I don't know any other area where we . . . decide the case by saying, well, there are very few people being treated unconstitutionally."

I hope they continue with this arguement, because Scalia is right and no matter how split the Court may be on this issue no Supreme Court Jusitce will be swayed by a good is good enough arguement.

Thursday, April 03, 2003
I was watching foxnews about the situation in San Fransico where the police aren't allowed to where american flag headbands because anti-war protestors feel that this is a simple that those police are against them. The women on the show said that the flag was a symbol of oppression. I thought it was sad that this women forgets easy that there have been many brave men and women who are died and who are fighting right now for everything that our flag stands for. This women doesn't realize the prize of her freedom. She can opening say almost anything and doesn't have to worry about some secret police going into her home at night and torturing or killing her. I am getting sick of people who say that the American Flag is a symbol of oppression.

PS. This hippie, leftist was fat and ugly. I am sure she supports Ronald McDonald and his fight for the 99 cent hamburger.

If any of you ever have problems with this site, you can go to and see what troubles are happening and why you probably were not able to make a post or see the site.

Good idea with the email address. I'll set one up maybe tonight. I'll share the pswd with you guys so you can read and respond to whatever people write.

I wish blogger offered a way to post coments, but I hear that is coming along sometime in the not so distant future.

I'm also working on getting up more links and some other things.

rod, are you able to tell who visits our website? I noticed the counter going up, but I am not sure if that is from us or from other people visiting. Also, maybe we should set up an email address at yahoo and post it if people view the site and have something to say.

I know. I was able to read the article. I hate how the protestors are yelling, HEAR OUR VOICES! Idiots. Like Chris said, we can't HELP but hear them, it's just that regular, normal people don't take to it, and obviously aren't paying you the attention you think you deserve. Free speech means we get to decide what we agree with, and it's ok. People are morons.

If you were able to read the story about Pearl Jam (i don't think the inside denver website is used to many people visiting their website), Eddie Veder was rambling about bush most of the time at his concert and sang a song making fun of him (which is on their new CD). Anyway, at one point during the concert, Veder was talking shit about Bush and some one in the crowd yelled "Shut UP!" Veder got all pissed off at that and went on a tangent about free speech and how people were loosing free speech. I get the impression that people on the left think that they are not heard, even with the protests, sit-ins, and vandalism. It is not that they are not heard, it is that the vast majority of them have no logical argument with any basis. Anyway, later in the show, Veder took the mask of Bush he was wearing for his bush song, impaled it on a microphone, threw it on the ground and stomped on it. At that point many people in the audience got pissed and stormed out.

Hey dudes. pearl jam=idiots. I wrote all fo this out already, but it didn't post for some reason. Here is the short (bus) version. I am going to see Everclear in concert tonight. They played at my sister's school during or around the 2000 election, and had some lame things to say abotu republicans during the show. I'm nto sure what to expect now in Chicago at the show, but hopefully they just stay cool and play their music because I'd hate to have to leave early because of politics. I really like their stuff, and have been wanting to see them for a while, so hopefully they won't pull any moronic political stunts. A few opinions I can handle, but not if the opinions become the center of the show, as opposed to their kick-ass music. I'll report back tomorrow, but my brother is in town, so I'm taking tomorrow off as vacation day. Peace for now.

To post a link, highlight the words you want linked, then click on the little world with an oval in front of it in the upper right hand corner, the one to the right of the "B" for bold. Then enter your link and click ok. But Rod, how do you include pics?

I hope this guy gets fired. I can't believe that Columbia hasn't fired this professor already. Any profesors who public calls for the slaughter of US soldiers should be taken out back and beaten. I think we should send hom on a vacation to a tropical paradise like Iraq or to N. Korea where his views might be tolerated alittle better.,2933,83002,00.html

I am so disguisted that someone would desicrate American monuments and graves dedicated to the very soldiers that liberated that appeasing, surrending bastards. It doesn't take much to forget that if it wasn't for our grandfathers, most of Europe would be speaking German. There was an article saying that the Germany chancellor hopes for a quick victory in Iraq. It is amazing how fast he turned around his opinion.

How do you pst links, just cut and paste them?

Here is a site called the National Center for Policy Analysis. I found many great articles on this site and I have used it in the past for facts and studies on various issues. I used it a lot for that Biology and Society class (some of us had) because it has great statistics and information from a more objective perspective, unlike many articles (especially about the environment) that lean far to the left.

Yes, that would be the article. You would think that Eddie Veder would have learned from the Dixie Chicks, but no he did not. I hope his sales suffer and I hope his album is crap and gets no radio play.

I too am pissed off by the vandalism. People who think they are going to win or get approval by such actions are idiots. It makes me sick to think that so many Americans lost their lives to help France, and the French honor their memory with words of hate.

Just a quick post, then back to work.

You're link wasn't working for me, Chris. I assume because it was in Denver that it was about Eddie Veder impaling GW at the concert. My mind immedietly started reminiscing of the Lord of the Flies.

I know we've heard about French protesters vandalizing the WWII monument, but I have just for the first time seen what they wrote and what they did. I will try to post a picture.

Some of the writing stated, "death to the Yankees," and, "dig up your garbage, it is fouling our soil."

I want to vomit

So we know that this girl is rich, but is she attractive and is she available?

That's the whole irony of the left. They want to be inclusive, etc, etc, but only if you think exactly the same way they do. It's rediculous, and for some reason no one on the Left sees it. True inclusiveness takes all kinds of ideas and opinions into account. That's where I get very annoyed with most liberals/leftists/democrats. I don't care WHAT you think of things, as long as you can back up your opinion, use facts, and are intelligent about it. Screaming epithets at the President, or chanting overused slogans over and over again while mucking up traffic and deficating on the sidewalks (way to go San Fran) in "protest" of a war is not intelligent. It's massive group-think and propaganda, and unfortunately it sways people rather effectively. I hate to say it (no I don't), but you don't see any conservatives out there with big signs saying "FUCK THE PROTESTORS! PROTESTORS ARE HITLER!" or anything like that. HITLER?! What the hell is that shit? Conservatives have been called that since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, if you look at what Hitler stood for, he was actually very left-leaning, and has virtually nothign in common with modern conservatism or republicans. No one chooses to understand this, however, and keeps chanting it since it sounds good and gets people turned off to the political right. Also, what I hate, is that these people always shout about the conservative elite, etc, etc. Last I checked, the Gore children were not going to public school, and the Clintons did not live in Harlem, NY. The argument about elitism is not a political one or a racial one, but rather an economic one. The lefist elites are driving the same damn cars, belong to the same damn clubs, and have the same damn big houses as the elites on the right, regardless of race. How many protestors at Bucknell were there because their parents paid full tuition? Probably more than a few. I wouldn't classify their existence as rough. But they are still out there yelling about the bastard rich conservatives, blah blah blah. My friend does that all the time. She can't understand how I could vote for such a trust-fund baby like Bush, and he bought his way into school (total crock), and this and that, and never had to work a day in his life....and meanwhile she's living in the biggest house I have ever seen, her family has three Lexus's, and then the car she drives, she pays cash for school, vacations at her house in Vermont and Florida, went to boarding school, and has more Tiffany jewlery and Burberry clothing than she knows what to do with.

So that's my rant for the moment. Back to work. And read Larry Elder's book: 10 Things You Can't Say in America. Great stuff. I have his new one, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Also, after the Canadians booed the US anthem, at a later NHL game, US fans cheered after the Canadian anthem was sang showing that they were not as petty as the Canadians (a few people booed, but most cheered). Go US and go Devils!

Chemical Lab found in Northern Iraq for building Chemical Weapons, believed to be linked to Al Queda.

What's new. Anti-American sentiment disguised as a peace movement strikes again. It was just a few weeks ago that Canada booed the American National Anthem at an ice hockey game, and a member of parliment vowed to heckle Bush when he speaks there. Tim Robins told a pro-war reporter that interviewed his mother that if he "Fu*$ing talks to a member of his family again, I will find you and fu#$ing hurt you."

I said it before, and I'll say it again...the 'peace' movement contains some of the least tolerant people out there.

I love it when we discover things like giant squids, and species thought to be extinct for millions of years. It really is humbling and makes you realize that we don't know as much as we would like to think.

And I will gladly embrace Gretsky as my American brother if Canada doesn't want him. He can stay at my place.



"And in Canada, protesters who wanted to denounce Wayne Gretzky for supporting Bush found themselves unable to deface a statue of the ice hockey hero. Instead they merely hung a cardboard sign on it ("U$ Lackey"), presumably out of respect for the Canadian icon, and so they wouldn't get beaten up."

A piece by Ann Coulter on Arnett.

testing the counter

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Something a little bit lighter....

Actor Jim Carrey (news)'s ex-wife wants a judge to award her more child support, saying that their daughter must get by on $10,000 a month and cannot afford her own bodyguards, personal trainer or Pilates equipment, according to court papers obtained by an investigative Web site on Wednesday.

Scum sucking, bottom dwelling leach.

You will all enjoy this.It is a sample of the messages local police got when they arrested the peace t-shirt couple creating the disturbance. They're pretty funny, and most make some really convincing arguments for freedom of speech.(and planned pregnancy)

I am still trying to figure out why asking someone how they wash their hair is a racial insult.

Iraqi officials have banned al-Jazeera from reporting in Baghdad. In protest, al-Jazeera said then it will cease reporting in the whole of the country. Why would an "unbiased" news agency think this an effective means of protest unless they felt they were doing some good to Iraqi officials....hmmmmmmmm It sounds to me like some news agency if feeling a little bit underapreciated. Maybe they were hoping to recieve some of those awards the Russians got.

"Gazeta.Ru has obtained sensational evidence proving the involvement of a group of former Soviet generals in preparing the Iraqi army for war against the United States. The generals in question refused to discuss their degree of involvement, but admitted that just before the beginning of the US-led campaign against Iraq they received state awards from the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein."
- Gazeta.Ru

That race article was good and Thomas makes some very good points I had not thought of.

The Ghost of Diversity
By Glenn Ellmers, The Claremont Institute

As the Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in two affirmative action cases involving the University of Michigan, the ghost of "diversity" was omnipresent. But like most ghosts, this one was hard to pin down, confront, or even describe clearly. Diversity has become a mantra for the defenders of racial quotas and preferences. (And make no mistake, this is what these programs are: at Michigan, an applicant is awarded 20 points out of a possible 150 on his "selection index" just for having the right skin color). But what does this "diversity" mean?
In colleges and universities, in particular, one might think that diversity of the mind would be most important. It is, after all, the clash of opinions, the give and take of debate, that leads to real education. But curiously, the very same liberals who defend diversity are often those who are the first to quash dissenting (i.e. conservative) opinions on campus. For them, diversity is simply a matter of race. But even this debased and insulting understanding of diversity poses some problems for its defenders.
Justice Clarence Thomas exposed this clearly when he pointed out that the logic of Michigan's affirmative action programs would seem to prohibit historically black colleges. If all the students are the same race, then the school must be "un-diverse," and therefore bad, right? In response, the Washington Post reports, one of the university's lawyers said "such institutions 'do have diverse student bodies.'" But clearly that can't be true under the definition of diversity used by Michigan.
As the Claremont Institute argued in its brief in the Grutter case, many historically black universities, such as Morehouse College, have a luminous roster of accomplished alumni. Those alumni, we argued, "should be offended—we all should be offended—by Michigan's patronizing statement that 'preparing students for work and citizenship in our diverse society is difficult, if not impossible, in racially homogenous classrooms and racially segregated communities."
As the life of Justice Thomas shows, learning and teaching are not matters of race or skin color. They are matters of individual effort, achievement, and virtue. Is it not long past time that America banished the ghost of racial classifications from our law and our land?

Hannity also wrot ea book (Let Freedom Ring) that I own but haven't read yet. Stephanie read it and is in love with it. And Jimmy Pink Cheeks.

If you haven't seen it yet you should watch the hannity & colmes show and foxnews at night. Hannity is really good and rips the leftist pincos. He also has a talk show from 3-6 on WABC 770am that is worthing listening too. I don't recommend listening to it at work if the people you work with are highly offened.

I started reading ol' Jimmy's ramblings and I couldn't stop laughing. Take these little nuggets for a spin:

These European fucktards are lining up to suck off Sodom Hussein and they want me to believe that they're just naive dreamers holding our for peace in the world.

FUCK YOU ALL. Jimmy Pink Cheeks is not a moron. Sell your shit to someone else. Jimmy Pink Cheeks isn't buying. You assholes want to jeopardize the safety of Jimmy Pink Cheeks while you jerk each other off and whisper tales of your former glory into each others ears. Fuck you all I say. Fuck You All.

People that Jimmy would like to Punch in the Face:

Bill Maher...this guy needs to be power elbowed and knee lifted back to reality. Maybe he'll be funnier after the concussion.
Jimmy Carter... an old man so maybe just a bitch slap along with a menacing look.
Jacque Chirac...requires a full on fist-blast right in his nose. Of course it would be hard to hit him due to him dropping to his knees instinctively at the first signs of aggression.
Dick Gebhardt...anyone that prefers the name "Dick" needs to be punched in the face.

Jimmy will be back later with more people that desperately need a face thrashing along with others that require more than just a quick pummeling.


Here is another quote from Chris' new friend Jimmy:

"Here is a very special message from Jimmy to all you peace protestors out there:



p.s. Rod, I am trying to find an eloquent way to respond to your postings minus a bunch of swear words on my part. Forthcoming.

From the blog of Jimmy, who provides news and commentary (also likes to talk in the third person):

Al Gore comes to the defense of Dixie Chicks. What a surprise. He probably wants to BE a Dixie Chic. After all, he is a woman and he invented country music.

“They were made to feel un-American and risked economic retaliation because of what was said. Our democracy has taken a hit," Gore said. "Our best protection is free and open debate."

How is saying that you are ashamed that the President of the United States is from the state of Texas a debate? How has democracy taken a hit? Democracy is the consumer choosing not to buy these bitches CD’s anymore. Isnt that a democratic statement? This further cements Gore into Bitch-hood lore as the whimpering crybaby he made himself out to be after the 2000 election loss. Do us all a favor Gore and put yourself in one of your “lock boxes” so we don’t have to hear your whining anymore. I thank God everyday that youre not President.

North Korea fired another anti ship missile into the Sea of Japan, further proving that they can overpower large patches of open water.

Iraqi-Americans Want to Fight Saddam
An Iraqi-American said --
"I don't want American people to die for my country — I want me to be the first one," Alkased said. "I appreciate what American people are doing for my country, but I don't want them to spend their blood. I am ready to spend blood for my country."


Hey guys, I know you were all into that whole SETI@home project thing where you lent your computers to SETI to look for E.T. all day. Here is an interesting article that asks the question: What if we did the same thing for terrorism?


Ok, it's not THAT interesting, but it made me think of you fools, i mean guys.

A Saudi Prince defended the US saying...
"It is not within the character of the United States, at least not the United States that I know," he said at a news conference. "The United States is not an imperialist country. Nor is it a war-like country. The United States has values. Self-determination was coined by the United States."

In Nashville, TN, the local Anti-War group, which is supported by many churches and organizations, was accused of being a Communist Front. It turns out that their mailing address matched the address for the local Communist Party office. They even tried to deny the fact untill confronted with the evidence.

Who said that?


"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

The US soldier they rescued yesterday had a couple broken arms and legs and had been shot a couple times. The soldiers also found about 12 bodies out back of the hospital, some of which may be US soldiers. Of course they are torturing people.

Also, you guys may want to take a look at this website. It is for a US soldier believed to have been dead, then had his status changed to MIA and a POW. The thing is, this guy was taken POW from 1991, in the Gulf War.

ILL-FEELING between Britain and France over the invasion of Iraq has plumbed new depths with the desecration of that most sacred of memorials, a war cemetery.

The defilement of Commonwealth war graves in northern France coincided with a poll for The Times which found that 54 per cent of Britons no longer regarded France as a close ally because of its opposition to the war.

Relations will be further rent by a second poll, in Le Monde, showing that only a third of the French felt that they were on the same side as the Americans and British, and that another third desired outright Iraqi victory over “les anglo-saxons”.
- Times Online

Well, here is another example of liberal, pinco, bullshit. One of the reporters being held in an Iraqi prison for a week was giving a statement along with some of her colleagues also at that prison. She refused, desipte the testimonies from the NY Newsday reporters with her, to admit that the Iraqi's were torturing people. She resorts to using euphimisms like "they seemed to be in much discomfort." What bullshit. THEY WERE BEING TORTURED! The other reporters said it, it's can admit it too.

She was the photographer for Al Gore, not that that makes her a bad person, but it hints at her media taint.

The media is agravating me more and more. I think they finnaly got the hint from Rumsfeld and Myers yesterady to stop criticizing the war plan, and stop anticipating the worst for our troops. One of the wost things about it is, that now we must scrutinze every civilian killed. It's awful that innocent people must die, but it is unavoidable. You cannot fight this war with kid gloves and then criticize that it's not over fast enough. If we didn't give a damn about innocent people then Iraq would be a sea of glass, and the war would be over in short time.

Also, I agree with you Adam. The US can take Iraq quicker, but they are trying to protect the innocent people, which means more troops on the ground, less bombings from the sky, and more time to end the war. Reporters are looking for stories and I think they are getting too impatient, so they say that the war is taking too long. In reality, we have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Many of these reporters are young and obviously did not have many classes in history, (probably because they were protesting something) so they do not realize that wars are not won in a couple weeks.

Peter Arnett was also fired by MSNBC, National Geographic, and a couple other small papers he was working for. Here are a couple qoutes from him:

"I want to apologize to the American people for clearly making a misjudgment."
- March 31, 2003, on the Today Show

"I report the truth of what is happening here in Baghdad and will not apologize for it...'
- April 1, 2003, in the Daily Mirror

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
I was glad to hear that Peter Arnett got the boot for his leftist views that were helping give propaganda to the Iraqi Regime. He was picked up by some British Tabloid newspaper hours later. I am disturbed when I see all the mass media that has shown troop movements and attacked the progress of the war. Most networks and newspapers have criticed the lack of troops and the fact that the war isn't over already. I can't believe that they fail to see that the U.S. controls the skies of Iraq, has lost less then 50 soldiers, and controls most of Iraq. I am amazed that the media doesn't keep bringing up all the discoveries of chemical suits and antidoes for biological and chemical weapons. They keep harping on the war plan which they see as a failure and not on the evidence which keeps pointing to Iraq having WMD and its possible use as the US and Britian get closer to Baghdad.

I feel that when this war is over, many of those of protested this war and called the US lies for claiming that Saddam had WMD will be extremely embarassed at the discoveries that will come. I for one am getting sick of people claiming that we are empire building and fail to see the great pains that our military is going through to liberate the Iraqi people from a ruthless tyrannt.

Sorry about ranting, I just sick of hearing so much liberial, pinco bullshit.

Great Magazine

Send the Statue of Liberty back to the French Petition

Story of Saddam, animated of course.

Geraldo Rivera should be detained for a night in a military prison before being sent home. MSNBC ran the clip of what he did (without sound and with the pertinent images blotted out). He was sitting in the sand drawing pictures of troop movements and arrows showing the next advancements. You can bring a guy over to Foxnews and change the color of his coat, but you can't change his heart.

The Columbia professor is a joke. One thing I learned very well from a 10th grade history teacher is that words are explicit. Of course, when someone teaches at certain universities I suppose words take on another meaninig. For myself, however, the phrase, "I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus," with the ORIGINAL "perspective that framed that remark"..."The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military," have only one meaning, and that is to praise the killing of American Servicmen. But even his excuses are more ridiculus. I can atleast undnerstand hating the military vicariously through a non-comprehension of the sometimes necessary evils of war....but to ,"usher in a radically different world in which we will not remain the prisoners of U.S. global domination." I think he's been pen-paling with Ted Kezinski. (Give it 5 years, if he's not a full Professor with tenure and writing for the NYT I'll eat my hat.) I am going to write that school after I see what else I can find that the boy genius wrote.

Pet Yorn is your brother. That's so odd.

I'm not sure if you also read that EVERYONE fired Peter Arnet this weekend. He gave an interview to Iraqi state run press and said that the war was failing, and it was a mistake, etc... It really hit home for me because he was one of the main reporters for MSNBC (the only cable news channel I get). He got canned by National Geographic Explorer (his main employer), NBC, MSNBC, and some others. It just goes to show you that people are watching. One news organization called him, "a poster boy for bias." Here here unnamed news organization.

And a final note. This article made me ill. Not violenty ill, but ill.
It deals with the UM affirmative action case, and goes to great lengths to give both sides of the story. I had to stop counting the quotation and notes dealing with the total lack of diversity and racial problems on the campus. For a campus of I believe near 33,000 people it only quoted one person really happy to go there, and they sounded like an idiot in the context of the rest of the piece.

And my friends, what qualifies today for race problems at an instituation of higher learned? Once cited example is thus (the only context to provide is this article is about a racial campus. This quote was it's own paragraph.)..."Darden said that at her dorm, a white student asked, 'How do you wash your hair?'"

The next sentence begins with, "Despite those complaints, Michigan is quite diverse compared with the nation's elite public universities. Excuse me, but what complaints? Does asking how someone washes their hair now count as a racial tension point? Are we that oversensitive now? I obviously must be missing something, because this make not one bit of damned sense to me.

The piece is filled with loads upon loads of other garbage, and I encourage anyone who wants to see UM in the worst possible racialy skewed light to read it. It's truly provacative. I will leave you with this ending quote from an African American, soon-to-be high school graduate looking at UM, "I have a friend who's going there, and she says there are just two black men. I would never date."

In other words my friends, the Washington Post suggests that someone's, and I must say a little bit racist, statement of she won't date white men and uses it to argue the problems of race on campus. Do you know what Mr. Editor, there may be a race problem afterall. You go so far out of your way to criticize the univeristy and avoid the counter points, that you acutally seek out high school students that DON'T EVEN GO THERE!!! to tell you nasty things about UM.

I got two free tickets and two free backstage passes to see Pete Yorn in concert at the end of April for signing up with AT&T wireless. Go me. I'll be sure to ask him if he knows you, Chris.

In the days immediately following 9/11 things were different:

It was probably the most powerful thing I have seen in my entire life and more than a few of us fought to retain our composure. It was a beautiful day outside today. We are no longer at liberty to divulge over unsecure e-mail our location, but we could not have asked for a finer day at sea. The German Navy did an incredible thing for this crew, and it has truly been the highest point in the days since the attacks. It's amazing to think that only a half-century ago things were quite different, and to see the unity that is being demonstrated throughout Europe and the world makes us all feel proud to be out here doing our job. - Photo
- US Navy

Monday, March 31, 2003
Interesting, I just found out that Pete Yorn is from my hometown. We must be brothers.

Columbia Prof continues to make an ass of himself...

"I am quoted as wishing for a million Mogadishus, but with no indication whatsoever of the perspective that framed that remark," De Genova wrote. "... My rejection of U.S. nationalism is an appeal to liberate our own political imaginations such that we might usher in a radically different world in which we will not remain the prisoners of U.S. global domination."
- Columbia Spectator

The people of Basra broke free from their "prison sentence" yesterday (Mon) as they began moving freely in and out of the city for the first time since the war started.

At the stroke of noon hundreds of vehicle began queuing up to cross a British Army checkpoint on the western edge of the city in one of the first clear signs that the pro-Saddam movement there is on the verge of collapse.


> When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked
the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example
empire building by George Bush.
> He answered by saying that "Over the years the US has sent many of
great young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond
borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for is enough to
those that did not return."
> Powell's comment pretty much silenced the room

Geraldo Rivera broadcasting live on Fox News. He is closer to Iraq than ever. CNN (and other media) Reports of him being expelled from Iraq by the U.S. military are false. - Fox News broadcast

The U.S. military ordered Fox News Correspondent Geraldo Rivera out of Iraq after it said he violated reporting rules by divulging details of future military operations during a live broadcast, a Pentagon official said. -

Evidence that Saddam was injured in US bombings

More important than the pizza website...


Good morning gents. I trust you all had a good weekend. Well, it's Monday morning, and my boss is gone for the day. How about I start the day off right with a grip of articles:

1) The Eagles' unseen impact on the war

2) Saddam, Saddam, Saddam

3) Opinion piece that's actually readable from the NYT!

And that's all I have at the moment. I thought I had more. I don't. For now anyway.


p.s. Rod, maybe some bells or some whistles would be good for sprucing up the page. What do you think?

I got this from one of my new favorite blogs at ....

"The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military," Nicholas De Genova,
assistant professor of anthropology at Columbia University told the audience at Low Library Wednesday
night. "I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus."

Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech and let this guy know how you feel about his comments.

NICHOLAS DE GENOVA, Assistant Professor
Telephone: (212) 854-0199
office: 416 Hamilton

You can contact his boss, the President of the university as well:

Lee C. Bollinger, President
Office: 202 Low Library
Phone: (212) 854-9970

Note: Take a deep breath before you write or call. Don't stoop to his level and please don't threaten him.
You can't access Blogs of War from the county jail.

Bells and whistles are nice. Or anything related to the simpsons.