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Saturday, April 12, 2003
I haven't posted in a bit, so here is the motherload.

Why I no longer like John Kerry.
Up until recently, I thought John Kerry was a pretty descent guy. First, to get to some harcore liberals' campaign money in New England, he said we need regime change in the US, and made a comparison to the rule of Saddam, to the leadership of Bush. Then, watching the canidates debate on C-SPAN earlier this week John Kerry went off and started saying that we have a president withouth character, and without leadership. Now, claiming Bush has no character after having a future peace prizer winner like Clinton who enjoyed using the white house as a venue to increase the sphincter muscles of interns...that's a tall and absurd claim.

The awful, awful truth
Al Sharpton was in the same debate, and oh nelly, what a champion for equal rights. When asked what Al Sharpton likes about the President he said that he is in favor of putting African Americans in his cabinet (Powell, Rice), but they're the wrong people. To use his own words, "All of my skin folk are no my kin folk," and ,"People of my color are not all of my kind." So it's now obvious that Mr. Sharpton cares less about African Americans succeeding as he does about giving reasons why they can't succeed. To him, these honorable, extremely successful people should not be role models for young Black children, because they didn't do it Sharptons way...complaining how unfair America is and using your success to make more noise rather than lead by example. (The sad thing is, many people clapped. The good thing is, it was mostly a far left audience)

John Edwards has some inferiority issues
Throughout the night, and this is nothing new from Edwards, but he kept going on and on about how he was the son of a miller and that he can beat the son of a former President. He countinously ran on about how he started with nothing and he made his living taking on rich people like the Bushes, and he could do it again. It sounds to me like this guy just grew up being bitter at all the snots in his school with money and now wants some payback. Unfortunetly I don't think he realized that a lot of those snots he hated as a child probably were named Kennedy, Pelosi, Daschel, Clinton, Gore, etc...

The Same old left smoke screen
When asked why democrats have such a poor public opinion when it comes to national security, Edwards answered, "Because the American people haven't heard our case." Sounds like the usual stuff to me. Claim you have a better plan, point every single weakness in the rights, and then don't tell us anything about what you're all about. Make your case and be judged.

Pelosi never can smile
Nancy Pelosi, from the San Franciso area, still says she opposes this war.
"I have absolutely no regret about my vote on this war," she told reporters at her weekly briefing yesterday, saying the same questions still remain: "The cost in human lives. The cost to our budget, probably $100 billion. We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less. The cost to our economy. But the most important question at this time, now that we're toward the end of it, is what is the cost to the war on terrorism?"
These people are chiseling out there own eulogies if they dont' change their tune. In the ususal America-Bad ranting they still refuse to let America feel good about itself and have some pride in seeing the free people in Iraq.

This can't be
It turns out that the forged piece of evidence Colin Powell used in the UN dealing with an order for nuclear material, may have come from one of our closest allies. If you remember the administration caught high hell for that mistake in public opinion and world sentiment. As it turns out the evidence was not manufactured by the US as some would have you believe, but given to us by the French Inteligence Service. Blatent sabotage. Why would the French want to do that to us? The answer to 99 of 100 questions is $$$.

CNN Disgrace
That piece by Mr. Jordan at CNN is almost criminal. I say criminal because he knew about the planned assasination of Saddam's sons in law and did NOTHING to warn them. In this country a good lawyer may get you for accessory to double muder one. Even if you want to play petty politics, CNN has been reporting the entire time in the best light for Saddam, and the worst for Bush...and they new the truth the whole time. Little really needs to be said, the admition speaks for itself.

Looting means "NOT READY TO BE FREE."
I'm tired of hearing about this garbage that mostely left types are saying that the looting in the streets is a sign that these people were not ready for freedom or for democracy or for some other silly nonesense. The looting will stop soon, and those silly people forget that up until just a few days ago these people wouldn't even mutter an ill word about the govenment. This will end soon and then these people will have to find something new to complain about.

By the way, if we use the standing of not looting as a sign of not ready to be free then we better through Chicago, Oakland, LA, Atlanta all under martial law. We better ignore the fact that looting was fairly common during the civil war and we better forget that with every natural disaster we have to send in the National Guard because if we don't...looting will happen even here in America.

It makes me annoyed.
It bothers me that we have the French, Russians, and Germans meeting now to discuss the future of Iraq. It's funny to me to here the Russian foreign minister say that if we do not give them business contracts, then what we have done will be an occupation. More talk of $$$. The three comedians keep talking about getting the UN involved, let the UN do it, while they themselves meet behind closed doors to discuss how they can salvage some of their lost financial investment and income potential.

I find it very, very, very odd that Mr. Vilipan (sic), would be touring the Middle East meeting with other leaders to discuss the rebuilding. These people have a much better chance of getting in on the rebuilding if they publicly renounce Saddam, admit they were wrong, and offer some genuine support. This America bashing in their cold cut trio closed door meetings, and then public outcry to let the UN rebuild is not going to win you any allie points with those people you tried to isolate and politically destroy.

ps. Let's not forget that the French gave them some weapons, the Russians gave them some more weapons and some more training. Hell, Russian generals were getting medals from Saddam for their contributions to his army. These are not people that have been helping us lessen the blood shed, they should not have a place in helping us greaten the country.

Friday, April 11, 2003
Sick. This is an article on what CNN knew about Saddam, and when they knew it. All of his torture and things. It's written by the chief news executive of CNN. Pretty compelling. Maybe some of the protestors should read this before rushing out to the streets.

Good National Post article.

And These guys have the BIGGEST BRASS BALLSI have ever seen. Wow. What a collection of idiots. I am sorry to say that I hail from northern California. Let's just all pretend that I am from Illinois where I now live. That's the story I am sticking to anyway.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
Thousands of union workers bearing American flags and homemade signs packed a rally at ground zero Thursday to show their support for U.S. military efforts in Iraq.

Massive underground Nuclear Facility Found in Iraq. It has really high levels of radiation, yet Inspectors had been to the site multiple times and found nothing.

On March 6, Fox News Channel aired a Bill O'Reilly interview with Janeane Garafalo:

O'Reilly: If you are wrong . . . and if the United States--and they will, this is going to happen--goes in, liberates Iraq [with] people in the street, American flags, hugging our soldiers . . . you gonna apologize to George W. Bush?

Garafalo: I would be so willing to say, "I'm sorry." I hope to God that I can be made a buffoon of, that people will say, "You were wrong. You were a fatalist." And I will go to the White House on my knees on cut glass and say, "Hey, you and Thomas Friedman [sic] were right. . . . I shouldn't have doubted you" . . .

O'Reilly: Nobody will call you a buffoon because I will protect you.

Garafalo: Thank you, sir.

This needs to be required reading. An ARTICLE on all of the liberals jumping in before the war even started saying how horrible it was going to be, and how the Iraqis were going to whip us, and hate us for invading their country.

Can I call bull, or does someone else want to handle that?

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
There are reports that Saddam may have escaped to Syria with some other regime leadership. I hope this isn't true, because it would be an expanding Middle East conflict involving Syria next. Well I hope he and his sons are getting raped by the devil right now.

Our friends in the great white north are getting less and less friendly day by day...

"The Canadian in command of a multinational naval task force in the Persian Gulf said yesterday that the [Canadian] federal government has ordered him not to hand over any Iraqis he captures to the United States, including even Saddam Hussein and his two sons," the National Post reports.

You can never win with the New York Times. Friedman calls what happened, This was a scene of humiliation, not liberation.

He even says, America broke Iraq; now America owns Iraq, and it owns the primary responsibility for normalizing it.

We broke Iraq? I thought it was Saddam and his regime. Anyone that has ever had any doubts about the editorial staff at the New York Times should have no hesitation now in saying that are quickly becoming a joke. It almost isn't worth mentioning.

This guy is kind of dorky-looking, but his column is right-on. He talks about how the new minorities, and the silenced group on campus is the conservative. And this guy goes to PSU by the way.

US intelligence still claim that multiple sources saw Saddam go into a building and not leave before a bunker buster fell on the building. But British intelligence says that Saddam is still alive. Who do we believe?

A story about a body double of Uday, Saddam's son. Forced to be a body double or Uday would rape his sister, he was tortured and knew about how Uday tortured athletes and women.

Noon balloon. Priceless, Rodney. Simply priceless.

I have nothing of value to add at the moment, but mainly due to the fact that all of the work I did on an Excel file yesterday was wiped out this morning. It's on a shared drive, and anyone has access to it. I'm pissed.

Wait, I do have something. It's kind of lame, but I felt I needed to add something. And this.

And goodnight, Gracie.

Here is a page from my last post. It's called the Scorecard of Evil.

It's amazing what passes as evil now. To summarize and quote a professor, these guys have taken the noon balloon. The only thing they succeed in doing is illustrating the point that EVERY policy has a benefit and a cost. They do a fantastic job of labeling every policy decision Bush has made as evil because it does not satify some group. They do this no matter how ridiculous it seems. On one hand they call Bush evil for using military force, and on the other they call him evil for not testing the national missle defense system. More ill informed, nonsensical trash.

What a day it has been.

A Scene for the Ages
I was not old enough to appreciate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, however, I watched something that will go down in history with the same pride and triumph of the human spirit that we speak of when we talk about fall of the Berlin Wall. This time around the symbol of opression is not a concrete wall going on for miles, but statues, paintings, and monuments erected to Saddam. I watched Iraqi's with the aid of a coalition tank pull down a massive statue of Saddam. No sooner had the statue begun to fall that people cheered, yelled, and threw stones and garbage at the now fallen bronze dictator. They danced, they sang, and they hugged coalition troops. They waived American flags and the old Iraqi flags. I have seldom in my life seen a more emotional, poignant scene. Some inventive people even began printing new Iraqi money with George Bush's face replacing Saddam's. This war is not over, but the world now can see what we were doing. Those that fought our resolve, either foreign or domestic, and tried to halt the deposing of Saddam should hang their heads in shame.

Constitution in Duress
I also came across, unwar related, the blocking of another Bush judicial nominee. Now certainly the blocking of nominees is expected, but they are threatening to use another fillabuster to do so. The first, of course, was with Miguel Estrada. That was a shameful act in itself. It was totally self serving and was baseless. I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog day watching the Senate Debates late into the night. The Democratic Whip, Hillary Clinton, and Daschle, Kennedy and the rest of the usual suspects keep repeating the same nonsense over, and over, and over, and over, and over. They won't even give a straight up or down vote. They blanatly defy the former solictor generals' advice to not proceed on the course they are taking. (by the way, the majority of the former SG's are democrats)

The real threat to this as a political tool is it upsets the fragile balance of our government. By fillibustering nominees it make a majority vote of 60 members needed just to get a vote. No longer is the Senate used to advise and consent, but they now wield more political power than the founding fathers and the constitution meant for them to have. They are bitter about the elections, they are bitter about Bush's approval ratings, they are bitter because they have no unified political message, they are bitter because they are falling apart. I can't imagine why they would take this action except that it gives them some victory to cling to in the 2004 election. It would only be a pyrhic victory, and the constituion will be the casualty.

From the Washington Post:
Later, when Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) sought agreement for a vote after six hours of debate and then modified it to cover 10 hours, Democratic Whip Harry M. Reid (Nev.) objected. When Bennett asked if "any number of hours would be sufficient," Reid said, "Speaking for the senator from Nevada, there is not a number in the universe that would be sufficient."

Michael Moore
That was a good piece on Michael Moore. It just illustrates the predominent paradigm in the Democratic Party of the need for cultural welfare. The scarry thing is, I believe most of these people believe what they're saying. I think many of these people belive the only way a minority can get a good education is if we give them some bonus acceptance points. I think many of these people believe that white people are inherrently racist. It's nonesense. I will give Michael Moore and others like him some credit, because I do believe their hearts are in the right place. It's the judgment that's misdirected.

I have heard of one segment of Moore's book that calls on African Americans to hang signs on stores and businesses that don't treat them well. I sometimes frequent a gas station near me despite the rude, buzz cut worker that always seems to be there. I walk in, he treats me rudely. I've been in line behind minorities, and he treats them rudely also. Michael Moore would have minorities screaming out everytime someone looked at them in some way that didn't fit his approval, and I have no doubt that if all minorities took his advice there would be a great big sign on that shop for no other reason than an unfriendly jerk works there. People are allowed to be jerks, and what he is calling for is a precursor to public lynchings. He's telling people to label men and women as racists in public. He's creating this perception that white racism is so evidient and prevalent in society that we can't help to escape it so we have to challenge white people head on. It's poor judgement. White people are not the problem, racists are the problem.

To put it all into perspective, Mr. Moore I do belive is a biggot to some degree. He certainly isn't the worst kind, but he is of a dangerous kind because people listen. He stereotypes whites, he stereotypes blacks, he stereotypes rural America. He distorts the truth to fit his sterotypes and he does so acting as if he is the wise old man on the hill possessing all the answers. Well, even Michael Moore is fallible.

A Good Larf

Richard Roeper, of Ebert & Roeper, sends a strong a message to the Hollywood anti-war crowd.

"Even though you are among the luckiest and best-rewarded human beings in the history of civilization, you have moaned long and loud about life in the oppressive United States of America. And you have complained that free speech is practically an endangered species--though it's not as if you've been kidnapped, bound and gagged for expressing your views...But I'm just wondering: If you're such a crusader for kindness and decency and the rules of fair play, when are you going to say something about the atrocities committed by Iraqis since this war broke out?"

Is filmmaker Michael Moore a bigot?

Citizens Against Celebrity "Pundits"

We the undersigned American Citizens stand against Wealthy Hollywood Celebrities abusing their status to speak for us. We do not believe that they have a clear understanding of how we live, what we fear, and what we support. We believe that celebrities Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, and others with them are using their celebrity to interfere with the defense of our country. We believe that Hollywood Celebrities use their wealth to make their own personal issues known while Americans would never have the resources to speak out in this manner....

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
YES! Heather Locklear is a Republican! There is a God!

British Intelligence (AKA James Bond) say that Saddam lived.

I saw that article about the dolphins at, it was a great story because the author was ripping apart the PETA stance. First, there is nothing keeping the dolphins from leaving the Navy because they are released in open waters. Sometimes the dolphins even leave for hours or even a day, but they always come back because they get fed a ton of fish (excellent pay, plus dental).

You can not post pictures, unless you post it to another site and then link the picture (which is what rod did). To link highlight the words you want to link, then click on the little globe in the upper right hand corner, then enter the link in the box, and click ok.

I listened to the Centcom briefing in the morning and was amazed how the topic on all the reporters minds wa the firefight that took place at the Palestine Hotel were most journalists are staying. No one we too concerned with the reports of finding missiles with possible chemicals in them or the gains the US had made in Baghdad. They didn't even care that we leveled a building where we thought Saddam and his henchmen were meeting. I have become very dismayed at the coverage of the war by the media. They give this Iragi info minister this spot light were he tells us no US troops are in Baghdad even though there are shells exploding in the distance.

Rod I too thought they got him in the first shoot, but I think if they didn't, he was wounded and some one else was calling the shoots. I think they have come to the realization what the consequences would be if they used WMD. I don't think we would retaliate with nukes, even if it got some reporters. I think they know our response would be an even more massive bombing and massive influx of troops from countries that were too pussy to stand up to him in the first place.

I am sorry i forgot the link, but there was an article were PETA was protesting the Navy's use of dolphins and sea lions to find minds. They thought that since they didn't volunteer they couldn't be used. I thought this was a breaking news story that was stupid to even be written.

ps. How to you highlight links again and post pictures? I know I am an idiot.

I have a question.... Do you think that pro-communist movements in the US have increased significantly now that the USSR is gone? In the past, pro-communist arguements were easily shot down because the counter arguement was: look how messed up the USSR is, obviously communism doen't work. But now that Communism is no longer associated with a large and crumbling nation, I think that more pro-communist movements are developing. But I do not think that they are really so interested in Communism, so much as a change, because they think that their own position would improve under a different system. I think most of them are out for a change in government where things are handed to them, including food, jobs, and housing (like animals at the zoo). I do not think that they think of the larger picture, that communism does not work and that it does not benefit society as a whole. Any opinions?

Also in the same article, american soldiers opened fire after sniper shots were heard. They accidently hit a civilian, But his friend, Abdul Amir Jaffa, said he did not resent the Americans despite the shooting. "Americans are coming to free us," he told AFP.

This is crazy, apparently US soldiers stumbled upon more than 100 children being held in a prison. When they were released the kids swarmed the US soldiers, kissing them. Some of the children were held for five years because they would not join the youth branch of the Baath Party.

The next Peter Anet, Lindsey Hilson.

I have been listening to her report for MSNBC periodically since the war started. Always, she makes a point to mention every single civilian casualty and how, even despite evidence, that the coalition was to blame. When the oil fires were started in Baghdad by the Iraqi soldiers she came and with a face of joy telling us that there will surely be more civilian casualties because now we can't aim our laser guided weapons. I was dumbstruck, because not long before at the CENTCOM briefing they said they the smoke will have NO effect because we are using GPS guided weapons.

Today, however, Miss. Hilson came on and said that US officials were lying. She came on and said that they were making a coverup story in the firing at the Palestine Hotel that killed two reporters. She came on and gave her expert opinion of how it would be inpossible for a sniper to be firing from the hotel, because it was out of range. Amazing reporting. I still haven't heard that the sniper fire was in fact directed at the tank that fired. I suppose she is fully informed and knows for certain that the tank that fired was not offering fire support for a more forward unit. She must know this, otherwise she would not have made such an audacious statement. I never saw Mr. Arnet's reporting as strongly tainted in his day to day reporting, but Miss Hilson's has been more than obvious. Today's statement calling the US statement a lie with no proof, her reporting speculation and opinion with no relevent fact is too much to take.

If you catch some of her noble work be sure to write NBC and MSNBC and tell them what you think.

Freedom does not beget terrorism.

This is a truly unpopular war.....yeah right.

Here is an interesting story about an Al Qaeda website that was originally at its own site, but that site got hacked by a US hacker who also runs porn sites. So now the Al Qaeda hack other sites and hide its site in other sites, bouncing around to different locations on the web. They could not get back their original site from the US porn guy, so they moved on. I checked the original site and it says, "Hacked, Tracked, and now owned by the USA"... then it moves on to a porn site. It is the same message that showed up on the Arab news site last week.

I agree with you, but even if Saddam is killed, I think his sons would continue the war because they are just as bad, if not worse than Saddam. I remember reading somewhere that one reason the US did not take out Saddam the first time, was that they were worried that his evil sons would replace him and that they would be worse. Now the US wants to take out the whole family. I am also worried, that if Saddam dies, his sons may decide to use WMDs.

First, Adam, you can't win with some people. It's just ignorant to think that you can't support our troops, a wounded POW, and still be against the war. I have no problem with people being against the war. My beef is with people like that, and people like the crowd in Oakland blocking the docks that supply our troops.

Like MRD said, you can get some of the wealthiest, best off people and they would still claim bush as an elitist. That is the one thing that unites many democrats and peace protestors, a hatred for Bush. The communists, envrionmental extremists, wannabe hippies, high school dropouts, and wealthy leftists all get together when it comes time to bash our administration.

My conspiracy theory:
Saddam, must be smarter than this. I personally thought that we got him back in the strike precedding the first day of the war. The longer the fighting went on, the more I thought this was true. No WMD were used, and Saddam is one of the few men that is in a no win situation that may have the evilness to actually use them. We killed Chemicial Ali, the champion of Saddam's murdererous mein. The common soldiers have nothing to gain by inviting upon themselves certain death. No, I thought he was killed in the first bombing of the war.

Now even the senior US officials are saying that we may have killed him. Keep in mind that they have been very careful to temper our expectations of news. Everytime we think we may have found WMD's, they say it will take some time to verify. Everytime we hear we made major gains, they say, yes but more work to go. These are not people to make claims without some reliable facts to back them up.

Looking beyond that and assuming that he was alive this entire time, what would I do if I were Saddam? I would get one of my best body doubles, and he certainly has many. The Saddam in the walking tour of Baghdad may have infact been a body double. I would send him down into some bunker, then have some of my military transmit over the airwaves that Saddam is in Bunker A meeting with his sons to discuss the infedels death. Down come the bombs. They may or may not find a body. If they do, it certainly will look like him. I'm not certain how much DNA or dental information they have on this guy, but if they have to work only with visual identification then I may be home free. So maybe he can get out if he is still alive.

The good news is that a man like Saddam can't hide for long. This is a man with countless palaces that make the Sistine Chappel look like a Burger King. He may have money, and he will need to spend it. This is not a man like Osama that will be content settling down in a three walled shack in the hilly lands of some third world nation. He needs his oppulance, and greed and a face like his will be hard to hide.

Check out and then click on "Showdown: Quebec," then click on the pictures link... good canadian humor.

So eight of Saddam's body doubles were sitting around a table drinking a beer, when Saddam's son runs into the room. His son tells the body doubles that there is good news and bad news, and of course the men want to hear the good news first. Saddam's son says, "Well the good news is that Saddam is still alive, the bad news is that he lost his right arm."

What do you guys think? Did we get him? My guess is the guy cut out of the country weeks and weeks ago, and is living it up on some island with Osama sipping drinks and spending some oil money.

Monday, April 07, 2003
Sign a Thank-youto the troops if you want.

Also, I liked the article about the DJ, he is right:

"You'll be over at Fox TV where they're not bending the news. ... It ain't happening on NPR."

Interesting stuff (makes me want to vomit), but this one persons reply to the Columbia Prof.s speech makes good sense:

If Columbia University had a professor who was morally opposed to homosexuality, and he called for "one million Matthew Shepards," they'd fire him before the news hit the wires.

Adam, I love you for calling that girl an ass. Check THIS out. I can't believe this shit. The one about the cops gets me the most.

In case anyone was wondering, has been updated and now has a video on it. Check it out.

I went back to BU for the Third Eye Blind concert, it was alright. The band did an awesome thing by announcing its support of pfc lynch and told everyone that there would be a couple huge cards at the entrance if anyone wanted to sign and wish her a speedy recovery and tell her how proud we are of her. I signed the card on the way out and asked one of Jenn's friends why she wasn't signing it. She said she was against the war and the people raging it. This pissed me off and I called her an ass. I told her that you can support the troops but still be against the war. She vehmently disagreed and she didn't like any of my opinions.

I picked up the Bucknellian and it scared me that the people who would be graduating from our school repeated some of the stupid lines that this war is for oil, colonization, and revenge. I can't believe that people don't see the underlying causes of this war. They don't care that an entire nation has been tortured by a ruthless, evil dictator who, if allowed, would have terrorized the world with WMD.

Here's some article. Haven't had time to read it, but it came from the Conservatives. I'll read it later.

Yo fools. My bro went home today amidst a horrible snow storm. Let's hear it for spring. Right on. Anyway, I'm tired as hell, but here is an interesting NYT article about how professors are more liberal than students, and they protest the war more than the kids do.

"There comes a point when you wonder are you fostering a discussion or are you promoting an opinion you want students to embrace or even parrot?"


More forthcoming. -Matt

Hopefully this is will quiet some, and shut the French up.

anyone else wondering why it is snow two weeks into April?