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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
you guys may have seen this already at some point in your lives, but please check this out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Yeah, I know. The story about Langone being under investigation was everywhere. I tried posting a link last night, but something got crapped up. The point was that the leaders of Bucknell are stealing the student paper because they don't like the words being printed, and it seems as though this was not the onyl time they did this. I'm not too excited about that. Not that I had much faith in the administration while I was there anyway.

Yeah, but I heard it was in the Wall Street Journal, and I doubt they are going to try and censor that.

By the way, there was a conspiracy theory going around campus that the administration was taking mass quantities of the Bucknellian each week when it contained material that they didn't like (e.g. criticisms of certain administrators). This was rather unfounded until the other night when a guy I know was talking to the "guard" in the fieldhouse, who told him about a maintenence guy taking huge stacks of the paper away from teh distribution point. The guard follwed him, and asked why he was doing this, and the reply was somethign along the lines of, "because someone in the administration thought that it would hurt Ken Langone's feelings." My friend has seen the room where all fo the missing papers are. He says there are a lot of them. The issue in question talks about Langone's financial troubles. Can anyone say, Censorship?

Monday, April 28, 2003
That sucks about Langone. WEAK! I'll have to look it up online and try to find out more about the story. I'll post if I find anything. The car commercial came in through some random kid from the Conservatives club. I have no idea how he got ahold of it. Good stuff, though. I heard about Creamer a little while ago. I'm so informed. Anyway, I just got into work, snad should probably DO some work. More later today.