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Thursday, May 08, 2003
Every day on the Shawn Hannity show he plays the Hillary speech and makes fun of it. The first time I heard it, I almost swirved off the road from the harsh chalkboard shrill of hear voice, tyring to proclaim how American she is. I always wondered when people need to stand up and tell you they are patriotic, that most people think otherwise. I feel it is one of the most important thing we have is to voice our opinion of our leaders and their actions. But there is a point when you need to stop talking to hear your voice. Here is a good articel to read:
I like that fact that they keep pointing out that no democrat stands a chance in 2004 against Bush with the present prospects. You know the canidates are in for a rough time when Al Sharpton has to break up a disagreement between 2 of the canidates.

NYC is the place to be no matter what anyone says.

Oh, by the way, if you get a chance to see the Dennis Miller special on HBO, see it. It is funny as hell, and he really suports the war and the president.

I think I will wear my American Flag t-shirt in DC, the one that says "I support our troops"

Why would I listen to many of these actors? Most of them do not have educations past high school (if that), even Tim Robbins skipped college and I have no idea if he made it through high school, but unless he supplies me with some test results proving other wise, I think I will ignore him.

This weekend I'll be spending Sunday in Washington DC with Chris, RW, and Lori. I know New York gets a lot of hype and people say there's no where else like it. Well, I think DC deserves some of those same honors. Where else can you visit the home of the president, walk The Capital Building and Supreme Court. Our president has made it a mecca of democracy and freedom. No matter what the leftist guerrillas say, Bush has made me feel proud like never before and given a refreshed meaning to those monuments and tributes resting in our capital. Unlike many leading authors and 'intellectuals' like Howard Zinn, Danny Glover, Nancy Pelosi, Nobel Lauretes, and some College Professors, I feel proud when I see what America stands for.

I'll tell you what. If I had the money I would support the making of their video, or any video to challenge Loondays with Moorie. If they can pull of something quality and honest then they really have an opportunity to get a cult movie classic out there. Michael Moore's first movie, Roger and Me, was hardly a big buget, high profile film. It just had that certain underground, grassroots feel to it. After watching that 11-minute film those guys did from protestwarrior, they have some of that same stuff.

My prediction for the coming year.

I've already heard this nonesense going on now for a few weeks. But not until last night when I heard Waxman on MSNBC's Hardball did it all codify in my mind. The latest addition to Democrats' lexicon of whine is, "it's not unpatriotic."

Some of you may have heard the chalkboard nail screech of a speech by Hillary Clinton last week when she went on a rant about how it is not unpatriotic to challenge this president. Fair enough, but where was she getting this from? Before that we heard John Kerry criticize Raciot of the RNC for questioning his patriotism. Funny, I heard Raciot's statement and that never came up. Needless to say this new strategy was probably spawned by the Dixie Chicks supporters and some of the Hollywood nonsense claiming censorship and modern day McCarthysm. There is something unsightly ironic about Tim Robbins speaking on numerous networks in an event hosted by the press corp complaining about freedom of speech.

But back to the point and the event that made it all clear to me, last night Chris Matthews was interviewing Waxman about the complaints of Bush's landing on the carrier. He went off about how it was purely political, yadda, yadda, yadda...and then said he finds it disturbing that Republicans would attack Senator Byrds patriotism. Matthews, stunned at that remark questioned who exactly attacked Byrd's patriotism. Waxman, stumbled and said...The White House, Ari Fleischer in the press conference today. Matthews said he didn't hear anything like that, and asked Waxman what exactly was it that he said. Waxman, obviously horrified that he would have to answer to such a charge, stumbled, fumbled, and said I can't remeber exactly what the wording was.

Keep your ears open. They took a lesson from the OJ dream team. In saying the case wasn't about race, they made it about race. In saying, Democrats are not unpatriotic they are trying to create the assumption that Republicans are somehow claiming them to be so. It's nothing more than more distortions of the truth and envoking the all mighty power of the Clinton Spin Machine.

Also, I think that you guys would be interested to know that the guys at are going to make a movie about what they do and the weaknesses of the left. Apparently their website is doing really well, and their bulletin boards are packed with posts and now they are looking for investors to make their documentary for about $50,000. You can even download thier plan for the movie at their website. I think that I am going to email them and remind them to piss on Mike Moore. Also Brain-Terminal is also considering a documentary specifically to throw out another point of view that is more accurate and better supported than Moore's fictional "documentaries." Back to the salt mines...

I am also not sursprised by the Deans, and I am pissed off because students are the consumers at Bucknell, so the Deans should be serving us and not out to get us or punish us. I keep thinking about how much happier I was with the school prior to senior year. Was I just ignorant to what the deans and admin were up to? I am pissed off by what happened to DU, because the deans want us to behave like adults and be responsible, yet they refuse to act in a similar way. Refusing to talk to students and refusing to talk to DU brothers makes me think that they are acting like petty children.

A quick note because my boss is being the task-master today. And yesterday. And the day before that. And tomorrow. Bleh. Anyway, Tha American Airlines guy is rediculous. What a jerk. Give yourself a fat bonus, and then tell everyone you have no money to pay them. I have a lot of respect for Warren Buffet. I read his letter to shareholders, and the guy is awesome. Totally a stand-up guy. Just for fun, go look up what the class B stock for Berkshire Hathoway is trading at. Then, for even more fun, go look at what the Class A stock is trading at. And no, those numbers aren't made up. Start with class b though.

And I think bringing a casino to downtown Chciago would be horrible. stupid casinos. Atlantic City is great and all, but mostly because it's in New Jersey, and I don't have to look at it ever. And Vegas is in the middle of a desert and I don't have to look at it ever. Ok, the whip is cracking. Back to work.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I read the bit on Langone and the SEC troubles. To tell you the truth, I still think he's a hell of a guy and don't think any less of him. Interestingly, however, The Wall Street Journal just ran something on Dick Grasso. I know some of you were there when he spoke at Bucknell, and I know some of you fell asleep. Apparently he made 10 million dollars last year even though the market tanked and scandals ran wild. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but it's really a bit nuts.

Warren Buffett makes less thatn $300,000 every year, and he has a better track record than most manager out there. You saw the same thing with the American Airlines CEO giving himeself and others more money while he was in negotiations with the union to tak pay cuts. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for paying people what you think they're worth...but getting a raise when you're on the verge of bankruptcy doens't make much sense.

Put the Byrd Down

Robert Byrd, Senator from West Virginia has given Lori and I some amusement over the months. We always mused over his incoherent ramblings, and never gave them much credance because they were...well....mostly incoherent ramblings. Come to think of it, I don't think many people took him seriously. I felt sorry for the old man. He has been saying bad things about the administration in every one of his statements, but not until now has he been given any credit. He's criticizing Bush's landing on the USS Lincoln and giving a speech to the troops. It's funny that no news organizations gave this man any fame until he came out with this latest rant. No doubt it was because he was the only Democrat with the cohonies to say what they were all thinking. So give him credit for that, but don't give him credit for having a valid point.

Waxel (spelling) from California wants to know how much that landing cost. That's all good and fine. I can't help but sit back and laugh at this attacks. We go from a President that lied to a grand jury, sold some of our national security for campaign funds, broke a nine-time administration policy of stonewalling North Korea only to have them build weapons in secret, recieved oral favors while doing national business over the telephone, and passed up getting Osama Bin Laden...and the worst they can accuse GW of is costing tax payers money by landing on an aircraft carrier. Give it up. Presidents have always met with the troops after conflict ended. Clinton did it, Bush 1 did it, and so on and so on. I also find it difficult to blindfully accept anything resembling fiscal advice from elected officials in California.

Speaking of people from California. I have to say that Cali has been having some bad luck with your choice of states. I heard a bit of news that the Govenor or Illinois is thinking about taking over the casinos to raise money. What nonesense. Maybe California should follow that lead and take over the medicinal marijuna farms. They'd be out of a budget crisis faster than you can say munchies.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003
here is the story about the french giving out visas to the Iragis:,2933,86117,00.html. I know i screwed it up, but i forgot how to post the link
I love that fact that the French are trying to help the Iraqi leadership. It just shows the pattern that they have been helping them all along. It must suck to lose a huge market for goods that you sold legally and illegaly. They will also be lose their percentage of money they got for running the oil for food program. Hey at least they still have jerry lewis reruns to keep them happy.


Now, I'm not going to be one to criticize the Bucknellian on a daily basis. I've lived threw that battle on moved on to The New York Times. But this is too bad to pass up.

Apparently 48% support the war, 32% oppose it. Oddly, however, when you read the cited quotes it is entirely anti-war, and at time so far reaching it's jiberish.

I just read the Bucknellelian article about the DU incident. Part of me isnt' that surprised. It's no secret the school wants to get a tighter grip on most activities happening at the school. They've been dealing blow after blow to houseparty, and they're moving everyone on campus. There's nothing new in that, but we've got to realize what motivates these people. To them house party and off campus parties are a black eye to their reputation. A Clintonesque dress stain. They go after them for the same reason that they attack the campus conservatives, it adds a bit of entropy to what they percieve to be an utopia.

Racial harmony and universal sexual acceptance make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Students sitting in the libary on a friday night hard at work makes the school look like it's full of future Nobel Lauretes and Fields Medal winners. They're safeguarding that image as best they can, and for that I have to give the administration credit. If I were on the same mission as them I would do the same and play even harder. Unlike the deans and their mission and goals, the student body only has a 3-year memory. They can afford to act borderline-oppressive because they know in a short time it will be the stuff campus myths are made of.

I dont' recall meeting anyone from DU that I really liked, but if they want to stop this from happening they have to play ball even harder than the administration. Hit them where it hurts. Get the Fraternities together, the sororities and start having protests. Bring in the media, and for fun try and get a hold of some of those Princeton review people or stage it on an open house day. The only problem is once you start having mass frat/sorority protests you've crossed the Rubicon. You best get your message out in a hurry or else you will be squashed. (Think Iraqi revolution without US help.)

Well, I'm back. For the past few weeks I've been incommunicado, captured by some leftist guerillas from the hinter lands of Virginia. The goods news is I'm still watching the news and getting a hardy larf.

I have to go through the wealth of links and info you guys have posted, but I'll leave you with my latest pet peeve.

It's nothing new, but it keeps coming up. France. There is no end to their arrogance and their deceit. The Washington Times broke the story that France gave top ranking Iraqi officials passports so they can travel freely in Europe. I find it difficult to fathom the levels that these government people work on. Even if I search the bowels of my hipocracy I cannot even begin to touch these people. This is going to be something for the history books.

I don't know if any of you read the Opinion Journal, but last week before the Democratic debate they offered up a college style drinking game. For every time John Kerry mentions his service in Vietnam you have a drink. For every time someone else mentions it you take two.

Good Luck

Monday, May 05, 2003
Interesting to say the least. It brings a new (and disturbing) connotation to, "There's a hair in my food."

Sorry Cali. I have been busy at work. I too feel your displease with the administration at Bucknell and say that we boycott and never donate again. I will write back when I have more time.

we all know how I feel about fraternities, but my feelings about the current administration at Bucknell are worse. check this out.

Are you guys all dead and gone or what? Adam, Rod? Chris has made up some lame excuse about only having a phone line to access the internet at his new location, so that is why he is not contributing, but you other two? Shameful.

The Bucknell Conservatives Club will be featured in an article in the Memorial Day issue of the New York Times (or maybe the NYT Magazine). Check it out. The reporter seems like a good guy, as I have seen some of the e-mails he has sent to the group, and he spent a ton of time with the club, even coming back to Bucknell more than once. Hopefully the article will turn out ok. Just letting you guys know.

And there are some happenings at the University of Arizona that seem a bit rediculous that you might want to check out. People are screaming about two incidents where officers have used handcuffs on professors "because of race." Boring. When does the race card not work anymore? It's getting boring.