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Saturday, May 31, 2003
I am not sure. I have not had a chance to read the entire article yet, but it is waiting to be finished in my bathroom. My guess as to why he is leaving... He is too old. His balls are too old and wrinkly and he wants to pursue a warmer climate that is less humid so his balls are not so sticky. But that is just speculation.

Friday, May 30, 2003
Does anyone have any insights into why Rogers is resigning? I know it's vast speculation, but it seems to come right on the heels of the NYTM cover story. Do you think he was under some presure after the story may have given the impression that Bucknell is not the happy, hand holding place they strive for?

Hey boys. Not only did the Conservatives Club get the cover of the NYT Magazine, but Tom Elliot was on MSNBC, Charles was on MSNBC, Charles was on NPR (link found here), and now Charles and his girlfriend Denise will be on MSNBC together on Saturday evening on the Michael Savage show. He's a radio host from San Fran. My mom listens to him religiously, so that should give you an idea of his political bent (hint: not a liberal). It's all pretty damn sweet. Not as sweet as Iron Mike wanting to eat your babies and rape you and your mother, and not as sweet as Willie-style trying to take over the country again (who the hell was George Washington anyway?), but still pretty sweet in it's own special way. It's all over the place. Good. I like it. That is all.

Also, did you guys get the Bucknell e-mail about President Rogers retiring already from Bucknell? Wow. It's a good thing we spent all that money on him and his temperature-stable garage for his cars. Oh well. At least that's one down, two to go (Pollock and Ferraro need to be next). Then maybe I'll think about giving back to the school that gave me my degree. And maybe they'll be able to find a new president that A) actually listens to the words coming out of the students' mouths, and B) looks like a school president. We'll see.

There is no end to the man's shame. Bill Clinton has the audacity to claim we need the consitution changed so that he, though he claims it would not affect him, could run for a third term in office. Now keep in mind this is a man that perjured himself, had his own little party in the white house, getting oral favors while doing our nation's business, and doing shame to our presidency. This man has no respect for our nation or our heritage. He will do anything to serve himself and his legacy. If old Willie had any idea of our history he would know it's not simply the 22nd Amendment he is talking about tossing away, but a precedent set by George Washington that no president of this country should be in office more than two terms. Certainly FDR disregarded that, but under extraordinary circumstances. It also was not long after that that we had the new amendment in 1951, so apparently our leaders saw the problems Washington was fearful of over 150 years later.

On a lighter note, Imus was discussing the New York Times cover story on the conservative's club. Whoyah

I would like to offer this late-night correction to Chris's previous post. Mike Tyson actually said that he would like to rape the girl, and her mother. I feel that we need to report the information as best we can to keep the man's integrity intact.

Thursday, May 29, 2003
That Mike Tyson, class act all the way.

Oh Mike Tyson is a smart one... here is what he had to say about Desiree Washington (the girl he denied raping)...

"I just hate her guts. She put me in that state, where I don't know," Tyson said in an interview for The Pulse, scheduled to air Thursday night. "I really wish I did now. But now I really do want to rape her."

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
The WSJ does it again.

Clinton Wars Book Revew.

The Clinton Chronology

What a week it's been. Sadly I must report that Ed Norton has joined the ranks of Susan and Tim, Shaun, and Salma, Madona, and some college professors. He now has also admitted to being ashamed to be an American. We hardly knew ya' Edward. Thankfully Marky Mark, Dirk Digler to some, has said that some actors speaking out are just uneducated idiots and should keep their mouths shut until they know something. Way to go Dirk.

As of late I've been pretty content with the state of politics. The BS meter hasn't been hitting the red. I have, however, taken some time to draft a letter to Bucknell World about their official stance on race based admission. If you haven't yet had the chance to read it, be sure to do so. It's a good piece of Hallmark fiction. A posted copy is forthcoming.

On a final note for the morning, I've been hearing more and more about graduation ceremonies these past weeks where seperate ceremonies were held for different people. Now, these were not one ceremony for bachelor of science degrees, one for bachelor of arts. No, these are seperate graduations for minorities. After the first 30-minutes it took me to comprehend such lunacy, I found it strangely ironic that the same groups of people that spent decades, spilled blood and tears to overcome segregation are now asking for seperate graduation ceremonies. It's a thing of beauty to see a school strive for diversity to enhance the cultural understanding of it's students on the premise that many different skin colors equals many different ideas, only to have that four-year experience end in a throwback to a period of bitter-sweet nostalga where seperate schools, seperate water fountains, and seperate--but equal graduation ceremonies were commonplace.

As a note, one of the schools holding such ceremonies is the poster-boy for the benefits of affirmitive action...The University of Michigan. (Think recent Supreme Court case, and upcoming decision) Just so I can get this straight. Affirmitive action is a good thing because it allows minorities to get the extra push necessary to attend college so that we, as a society, can be better integrated and tolerant, but at the end of the education that is meant to make us color blind we are going to allow minority A, minority B, and all the white folks to have their own seperate ceremonies. Doesn't make much sense to this Welsh-Slav-Polish American.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
I justed wanted to say that Matrix was amazing and I can't wait till november!!!