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Friday, June 20, 2003
Interesting Stories in the News:

Wall Street Journal:
"A climber in Wyoming survived getting hit by lightning only to die from a second bolt that struck him an hour later, according to police."

"A New York teenager alleged on Thursday that teachers violated her civil rights when they suspended her from school for wearing a 'Barbie is a Lesbian' T-shirt."

"Malawi's army has been sent to round up a herd of rampaging elephants that have killed at least three people since they broke out of a game reserve earlier this week, police said. Their mission: to drive an estimated 150 of the beasts back into the Kasungu National Park on the Zambian border before they do more damage...School pupils are being escorted by armed game rangers to and from school every day...At least 10 people were killed earlier this year after a pride of lions broke free from the same Malawi game park."

I heard that Al Gore is going start up a television station that will tell the liberal side of the news and possible a radio show also. He believes that the republicans opinion is expressed too much in the media. Last time I looked I thought most of the media had a liberal slant. He must not watch cnn that often.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
HEre is one that mentions Santa Rosa, the town next door to mine.

And just to make Dinkelmeyer happy again.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Rediculous, watch this cartoon and have a good laugh. It is from the Democratic National Committee, so you know it is good stuff (ie, evil and with out logic).

There, are you happy now, Chris?