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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
What a strange game, maybe we should open a franchise?

sorry here is the link,2933,92070,00.html

for all those bored with the gambling, bunjee jumping, skydiving, and fire eating, don't worry these no stakes, no thrills, sissy games are things of the past. Apparently the newsest crazie in Vegas is called "Hunting for Bambi" You pay $10,000 for the thrill of hunting naked women with paintball guns. The "hunters" also have the option of mounting the women like real hunting, but in Vegas that means stuffing them with "Mr. Willie." Anyone feel like we were ripped off when we have gone paintballing? Here is the link:

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Everyone knows that converting the US to a flat income tax is not going to happen. We would put H&R Block and many other accountants and IRS agents out of work. But in Russia, and some eastern european countries, these kinds of interest groups that have a stake in high tax rates have not had decades to build up and lobby the government, and therefore many of these contries have swithched to a flat tax. Russia has a 13% flat tax and last year witnessed a 40% increase in revenue from personal income taxes, partially due to an improved economy, but also due to people actually paying their taxes cause they are simple. Think about the impact that a flat tax would have in the US, we would not need as many IRS agents, more people would pay their taxes, and pay them on time, and April 15th would not seem half as nasty as it does now. Of course many people would be out of a job. I wounder if there is a way to switch to a flat tax in the US. Any ideas?